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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Intermediate: B1


it`s nice to hear to this conversation if i talk about my favorite time is in the evening when i set with my family
thank you very much

Hi, everyone, my name is yueyue , I just joined this site,  I want to learn English and meet some friends here, thanks.

hi   for all

Hi friends. I am working full time when i have free time i go on this website and learning English improve my speaking. And also i use few other websits who can help me improve my English. I am very happy.
Best Wishes

Hi everyone
I'm so glad that i joined this site
thank you

hello everyone
my name is mrwn from sudan  i want to learn english with you con you help me
thank you

My favorite time in a day is morning. Sun starts to shine and every thins wakes up.I m full of energy in the morning and I can do a lot of job. i don t like stay up late at night. it s not healthy.

Good morning everyone!
I usually wake up (very) early . This way I can do efficiently many things without being disturbed. It's as if the day has got three halves!
But I must tell you That I go to bed (very) early too!
Bye everyone have fun with learning english!

Hi everyone,
I like getting up early in the morning full of energy. To keep fit I go in for sports. I am keen on swimming in a pool in the morning on my day-off. On the way to a pool I read magazines (often, Expert) and newspapers connecting with finance and banking because I work in a bank and they are very interesting for me. After that I attend museums, excursions held there, go shopping or just sit in the cafe.

My favorite day time is at night because i can do more activities such as surfing the net and watching TV
Thanks alot