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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Tell us about your favourite time of day. 

Are you happiest in the morning or at night? Or maybe in the afternoon?


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hi everybody, this is my first time to comment in any website.I have to speak english .this is my need and wish that oneday i would be able to speak fluent english.I Hipe is site will be helpfull for me.thanks monica

my favorite time acutely is on the morning , I like sunrise , birds sound  , watch the people go to their work , makes me full of energy

hello everyone
Im new here , I want to improve my english

Welcome in this site , Best wishes!

Hi every body
my favorite time of the day is evening,because all of my bothers come to visit us in our house and some time we go to walk. It's our exercise   

Hi :
I like morning the most because the air is really  fresh. But I don't like to get up too early, that's really a dilemma.
And I like to lay on my bed at night, look at the outside of window. To feel the silence in the dark , that make me more clear in mind and real presence.

hi there,im new here. really want to improve my English 

hello dear
best wishes

hello everyone i m afshin , i m 14 old , i m  from Iran ,   i want to learn English  more , i m new friend with you  i wish good friend with you , i m sorry about my english because my english is not good

hello afshin
this is the right website you choose to learn English Language
best wishes
your new friend