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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Tell us about your favourite time of day. 

Are you happiest in the morning or at night? Or maybe in the afternoon?


Language level

Intermediate: B1


hello everyone, its my first time here in blog..........  i want to improve my english.

I do think that British Council is Superb and, it make a man something.

hi everybody. I just loving this website.

hi everybody this is my first comentar in this webside. I want to study english language very well.This webside help me.  Thanks! mariam

hello Ms Mariamm
 I'm Mary ,but the right name of me is Mariam like you name dear
best wishes to you

hello everyone,
It is really an interesting site where everyone may benefit from. I have visited many english learning websites and I think this is the best so far. thanks to british council.
I personally like to wake up early in the morning but sometimes I can't owing to I slept late in the night before.

I love the night too, Adam, even though it's not healthy, I agree... After spending a day working and doing everything to live day by day needs, eventually the night is my own time in which, when my wife and my daughter sweetly sleep, I can read what I want (i.e. to study English on your website, obviously!), listen to my favourite music with the headphones, write my physics books, watch sci-fi movies and so on...
To wake up in the morning become really tough, but so... this is the way I feel me alive!

My favorite time of the day is evening because i usually go to  the english classes or dancing classes (I dance the boogie-woogie) and at the weekend i meet friends

How are you. i am M.N.A shifat. what's you good name

Whenever someone ask me to speak on particular topic addressing audience. After two or three sentence i am not able to speak further. My ideas get shut down,i forget all the points. Although i have many points on that particular topic before going to the podium.
plz plz plz someone help me,how it can be improved.