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Episode 06

Carolina wants a job to solve her money problems, but will she find one? Adam is surprised about your opinions of football!

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Intermediate: B1


I think that the best part of the day changes during our life.
When I was a child I did not to have many assignments, so I was happy in the afternoons when I could watch cartoons on tv. When I was a young man I did not have to come back home early at night, so the best moment of the week was on Saturday. Afterwards, when I had a child I had to look after my daughter so the best moment of the day were in the mornings when she woke up. Nowadays I mustn’t look after my child but I must work for a long time every day, so the best moment is when I arrive home and I can have a relaxing time.
I will have to work many years in the future, but if one day I can get retired I hope won’t have to work, then all the day will be the best moment.

Hello there:
My favorite time of day is early in the morning because I feel my thoughs are more clear, and it is quite all around. If I don't have time along the day, I do prefer to wake up at 4 am than study at night. Apart from my relaxed mood at this time of day, I enjoy very much to see the sun rise.

Everybody,I have a question.In American,How much time does student spend for their part - time?

Hello sunnysmile,

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Do you mean to ask how much time a part-time student studies?

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone. My favorite time of the day is the morning. I always want to awake early in the morning to and going to sleep early night. It's make long my day and then i have plenty of time to do my works.

I really enjoy the morning, I reckon this is the most beautiful part of the day. The sun rising, all that bright light falling over the things and still there's a night's scent in the air, it's just wonderful! And also my mind works very well at this time. But unfortunately I've not been able to wake up early in the mornings if I don't have an appointment, because it happens that my mind also works well at night, so I usually go to bed very late. I hate the afternoon, I feel lazy and everything seems a bit boring.

Hi, thanks for these exercises! Definitely I'm not good in the morning I don't know why but generally I'm bad mood. At night I can't think, although I enjoy the silent and stay up late at night reading books. So I'm happiest in the afternoon, my brain is clearest in this part of the day.

I am definitely happy in morning. I also stay up to midnight by mistake, It makes me sentimental badly. I regard my trouble as serious issue. this is a bad effect of staying in mid night. On the other hand, I like morning because I feel fresh and I can concentrate on study material. In my high school days, I used to get up early in morning and I prepare for the day's lesson or review the previous lesson. The life cycle influenced my grades positively. Spontaneously, I dealt with more and more materials efficiently. I recommend going to bed early and getting up early to people confused by trauma or current problem or your grades.

Hello everyone, actually I love each time of day. I like get up early in the morning for studying English, after that I exercise for about 45 minutes. Then I go to work. I come back at home at 4:00 pm and I practice English again.
I take some English classes in the afternoon. And the night is the best moment for relaxing, and sharing a lot of time with my son.
So, I love every moment of day.

Excellent exercise.