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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

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How do you feel about queuing?

If you’ve been to Britain, do you think it’s true what Tess and Ravi said – are the British good at queuing? 

How about queues in your country? Do people queue up politely or do they jump the queue? Do you jump the queue?

We’d love to hear from you - write your answers in the comments.


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Intermediate: B1


Hi!.I ve been twice in Britain but I don t remember if people were polite or not about queuing,just because I stayed for a few days.I don t mind queuing if I don t have to hurry up to do important things.I can t bear people that jumped a queue.I never do that because I always think of people are waiting before me.In my country(like in most of the countries,I think),there are people who try to get absent-minded to be first,jeje,but you notice them soon.

I never have been in UK.
In may country, Colombia,  and my city Bogota D.C. the queue is polite, the people never can´t jump. but sometime if you ask the people give you way in the queue.
The queue are bored and always see the front of queuing.

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Of course, i hate waiting but don't we all have to be respectful to the person who came or move before us? So, even if i cannot bear queuing, i am always polite and patient in the lines.
In my country there are lots queues, too. In the bank, post office, shops etc... But especially when a technology market demonstrates a big bargain date, people starts to go and camp in front of the market the night before the date. 

 i can't stand queuing  so if there is a long queue i left the shop and come back again later and if i am waiting for something very important i ask someone to take care of my place and go anywhere doing anything and came after a while 

I don't know British queues. I live in Istanbul which is very crowded city. Queues are everywhere in Istanbul., ticket offices, train, bus, banks, shops etc.  Turkish people dislike queuing. Especially in long queues, you can see many angry men who are ready to fight each other:) yes, it's very bad. we, Turks, are impatient people:)
I am generally very polite and wait for my turn in the queues. But a few days ago, when I was in airport, I was in hurry because I would miss the plane. So I had to jump the queue. I'm sorry about that. I was too embrassed to do that.