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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

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How do you feel about queuing?

If you’ve been to Britain, do you think it’s true what Tess and Ravi said – are the British good at queuing? 

How about queues in your country? Do people queue up politely or do they jump the queue? Do you jump the queue?

We’d love to hear from you - write your answers in the comments.


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Intermediate: B1


if i have time i can quening, but if i`m in hurry than i cant stand it!

Hi Adam, 
I hate waste time queuing. Here in Brazil, queuing is common. The people usually queue up politely, but unfortunately sometimes they jump the queue, not me...

If I am in a hurry, I definitely dislikes queuing. Other than that, queuing is but part of daily life, from buying ticket in a MRT station, to buying meals at McDonalds or paying for groceries at the supermarket.

In my country people are mostly polite and reserved, but sincere so rarely jump the queu, and I'm too polite to do this. I haven't been in Britain and it's my dream to come one day

I hate queuing specially when I'm driving the car and I'm trapped in the traffic!!

I love queuing, because I have time for read.

i hate queuing!!!i really get very nervous in a queue!!!i generally leave before my turn because i can't stand it!!!!!!!!

I think being in a queue is one of the bad experinces  that every one had even once.But perhaps we had a good one when we're waiting for a good news in a long queue. 

I hate queuing actually, especially while boarding on the bus. The guys always push and even jump to the queue. Their behaviour are rude and I can't stand for it. However, in my school, the students seldom jump to the queue. The senior students must wait for ten minutes first for junior students to buy the food before they buy.There is a signboard that written clearfully: Ten minutes for junior one and junior two students. I think senior students must feel embarrassed if queuing at the first ten minutes.

Queuing is alomost non existant in my place, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are overwhelmed everywhere bus stop, ticketing counters, shops, lifts etc. We need queuing badly, unfortunately don't practice it. Painful for people like us who stayed aboroad for some time where queuing is well practised.