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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

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How do you feel about queuing?

If you’ve been to Britain, do you think it’s true what Tess and Ravi said – are the British good at queuing? 

How about queues in your country? Do people queue up politely or do they jump the queue? Do you jump the queue?

We’d love to hear from you - write your answers in the comments.


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Intermediate: B1


I hate queuing. its very boring. In my country, usually we have to queue in government offices, in bank and even in temples during the festival times. Queue jumping is very common here. i am very polite about queuing though i used to jump the queue when i was young. i apoligize for my english. if i did any mistake, please correct me.

Hi, everybody!
I'm from Vietnam. About queuing, I think it's a polite behavior,a typical life style in the modern. In my country, especially Ho Chi Minh city, is so crowded! This is the cause of jumping the queue. It's really not polite and terrible. In contrast to, there're some place where the queuing always is kept equally such as super market, plaza,  ... To me, my principle living style is keeping the queue in the public places. I hope all of areas in my country also follow that.
I really appreciate keeping the queue of the British, and if I have any chances I'd like to visit your country, to know it clearly...! nice day
Jack Bui

Hello everybody¡
What about queuing in Spain? I think is almost the same that football, the national hobby.
Always you need get some official document you have to wait a queue  for a long time sometime all the morning. I  find hardly someone can find fun one of them, you have to be so  patient for it¡¡ Now we have a new queue much more longer than others, it is the unemployment one¡ It is difficult to explain how are the employment offices full of people looking for a job. People of all the ages, young who are looking for their firs job, and older people that have lost their job because of economic crisis.  Well... thinking about it,When I am waiting for tickets  for a music concert I have to admit queuing don´t mind me at all¡¡

Hi everyone. Here in Brazil, we are always queuing, to everything. Like British, we queuing to get a public transport, at a shop, in a supermarket, in a bank, to buy tickets to see movies, shows, football matches... But here people are not that patient like there. People don't queue up politely, and they are usually jumping the queue. Sometimes, queue here are very confused. 

Hello everyone..In my country, people are not that patient like in the UK,We have got lots of queque jumpers ,lots of arguments between each other.I also noticed,that staff in Supermarkets works really slowly,they always have time    to do their work and always have the time to speak with clients.Sometimes I feel really boring when queuing,In my country ,Staff just does their work quickly with no time to speak to clients.-just next please..

I think the "queue" is culture, everyone have to polite and patient
Best Wishes

Very interesting listening and topics! My favourite time of the day is probably the morning because I usually feel more relaxed although I think all times of the day are good if things are going well.
I don’t like queuing, so I often read a magazine or do something while I wait, and then it’s ok.  Good to read all comments. Thank you.

Hello! First, I apologize if I did not write correctly in English. In Brazil, we also have many queues: banks, supermarkets, buying concert and soccer tickets, and especially in government offices. But I don't think there are people who like queues!

Hi. Queuing is a problem everywhere else. In France we hate queuing but queuing is everywhere. It is impossible to avoid queuing. I must recognize that French people don't have enough patience. The subway or bus queues seems more a big crowd than a line.

Japanese people are very polite at queuing just like British people. If sometimes there was a person  who was jumping the queue , someone would give a word of warning to the person. " We all have been queuing !! "
This good social order doesn't change even under an emergency. After the East Japan  earthquake and tsunami,victims formed tidy queues when they get a several relief supplies. In spite of these adversities, Japanese people always respect each other. This situations were reported by lots of newspapers and TV news all over the world in wonderment. And thanks for your help.
By the way ,I hate queuing for long time,but I never ever jump any queue.