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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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Have you ever been in a band? What was the name of your band? What musical instrument do you play? What style of music do you play? Are you still playing? And, if not, why did you stop?

We love reading your comments and we reply to some of them each episode.


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Intermediate: B1


Hello to everyone. This site really help's to improve English, I enjoy listening podcasts in fun way... I put in my cell phone and I can listen whenever I want... thanks for all British council.

good evening  everyone  i don't have new job i'm still  on my old job ..but really Enjoy when i listening keep going <3

hi Adam ı wondered that are you reading all comments everytime .Because ı want to know this.ıf you read these, it is wery good.Besides ı dont know playing a musical instrument and singing but ı want it to do these too much.ı thınk ıf a person can play a musıcal ınstrumen or can sing a song ,this is wery relax and be happy ıt .so ı want that all children must to learn these can do when they are small.Because people need to be relax and to be happy in this time .my wish is too music for all people in their life.

Hi Deniz,
I try to read all the comments!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

for me I like cookinng. and all poeple know me, tell that I cook very well.
but i can't bear waching the  dishes .I love watching remantic movies , and I deslike watching action movies.

It's very exciting that I can do exercises well in the harder way. My listening and reading skills of English is better than speaking. How do I improve speaking skill? I'm afraid of making mistakes in writing and speaking. I'm not sure whether What I speak is right or not. Does anyone have the same problem?

Hi!, When I was a child I went to art school and take class for pipe (in armenian its call shvi). But about one year I understand that wasnt for me. But I have musician hearing and like music. Now I listening clasic, pop, jazz, and some times rock - only songs "System of a Down". 

this lesson is very interesting for me, as I've been playing in a rock band for a long time. I used to sing and to play the guitar, to write the tracks and to perform on stage as well. My mates and I were called "Glamovenia" and we started with the purpouse of becoming famous :D but something went wrong and so we quit ;(

very helpful indeed..thank you British Council..

hi this is my first time I write a comment and let me tell everyone this is a very good page to learn english here we can find everything now Im using it and Im very happy that my enghish is getting better im from mexico and want to thanks everyone in british council