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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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Have you ever been in a band? What was the name of your band? What musical instrument do you play? What style of music do you play? Are you still playing? And, if not, why did you stop?

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Intermediate: B1


Hello Nushin,
Your English sounds quite good - don't be negative about it! There are lots of other resources on this site, just explore the menus at the top.
The podcasts haven't finished, there is a new one released roughly every two weeks.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

   hi my name's sura.Iam new 

hello everybody how can learn me english plzz ..because i'm very bad to talk english :((

I always thank you guys~~

Well, I have never been to a band and I cannot play any instrument, because of a lack of interest. I enjoyed the podcast and the exercises.Thanks a lot.

Hello at all people. My name is Enrique and I am from Spain (España). I want to learn Inglish beacouse it is necesary for my job. Sometimes I have to talk with people and I am ashamed.

hi my name is magd  iam from jordan and iam a englesh student and i know littel espanol can i want to learn more can we help each other thanks mane is Elmar...i am from Azerbaijan...i know inglish language...Who can help me?

Hi, my name is Elmar as well; I was surprised to see my name belonging to somebody in Azerbaijan. What do you need help for? Warmly, Elmar