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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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Intermediate: B1


hello everyone ! name is vikash..i have completed and wanna do and Phd..right now i'm working in an telecom company in Guwahati (INDIA) and i want fluency in english..i lost confidence when i speak english before my project manager. 

hi every body

hello friends how are you?

Hi everybody! i am satish upadhyay working in a domastic bpo in new delhi and
I like both study and job
and trying to get impovement in my english that is the way to find more opportunity every  one has best wishes from  my side if they are trying to do something best in there life

Hello is Alou
  from  Senegal
i love English of cause I learn and  then it 's an international language.
 And also i use it some time  in my job of cause i try to do the best thank you  .

I did my best and i think even they are mostly simple but it doesn't matter .
Consider them as reminder for yourself.

hi I'm RABIA from Algeria I had diploma in management and  I hope to speak English language fluent to continuing my education in information system in any English university.

Hello name is Neha. I have completed my and got a selection in a software company but date of joining is in january 2012. so i have to wait for my first job experience.
and thankyou for the elementary podcasts. these podcasts are really helpful.

hello everbody

hello friends,
I am an architect from Libya i finished my study in Florence Italy so i speak good Italian i liked so much to learn English but it was not possible. i think English language is very nice and important to communicate with the others!