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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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Hello Everyone ! Now I am pursuing my doctorate course and working as a guest lecturer. I like both study and job because it gives me satisfaction. In every job, salary and satisfaction is very important, we can’t ignore salary but it isn’t only thing for happiness. I never compare with the job and salary of other people, I know my ability and skill and accordingly I try to my best.

Hi everybody! The lessons are shorter but it´s ok. Perhaps is easier to learn and memorize...
I like my job but I would like to earn a bit more. However, I cannot complain, I have great friends there. Thanks for your support. Best regards. Fah

but... what next i just did that exercises what next

Hello Amal,
Why not explore the rest of the website?!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hello adam .how are you ?when time finds icome here

my name is amal i like this english!!!
have a good time

Hi! My name is Borislav. I'm from Bulgaria and I want to study English. I hope you help me.Thank you!!

I have three different jobs - thanks of God - they satisfy me . I can never say I'm boried off my job that grants my live with my kids .

it would be better if we can erarn a paticipation certificte from the site .

Hi Luba! Haw are you? I wanted to talking with you.