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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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thank you, not think you

Well, I am Helenklin , a Brazilian man, I have been studying for  five years alone.
Last year, I went to study at a school of English to improve my listening and my pronunciation and I really would like to try out my English skills with other students,  but I think we are not allowed to show here any form of contacting each other. So I really would appreciate  to get a feedback from Council team on how I could do that.
In advance I think you very much.

Hello Helenklin,
No, that feature doesn't exist at the moment. We have children who use this site and we have to protect them online. If you want to try out your English skills with other students, for now you will have to find them locally in Brazil.
In the future we plan to have a system to enable our users to contact each other.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Razmi I have some different experenc in some language and I think english is the best.

​Hello everybody!!
​My name is Ana Simoes and  im from Brazil..English to me is very difficult because in Brazil we have a very strong accent...i been tried very hardy...

Hello , my name is Enas . I'm from Yemen << i want learn english as soon as possible  

Hi, every body! My name's Tuyen. I'm from Vietnam that is a small country in Asean. I want to improve my English's skill so I'm trying learn hardy. I think English can make every people on the world together.

Hi! How long have you studied English?

                    hi borislav ,i am ali from Iran I like learn english but I didnot participate in any class my ielt,s exam score is 5.5 .In my opinion English language  learning is  one of the most basic factor for improve in education and get job opportiunity bye 

Hello ornela94, I would like to ask you "have you experienced any other languages?"