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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi i am Rafat, i am working as Telecom Engineer, i am very much interested to learning English

hello everyone!
my name is Ahmed Bashir, i'm from Sudan, I think this site is so great to learning english, i love it , thanks for the great prodcast, all voices was perfect . Here in Sudan tea is apopular drink, most sudanese drink tea with milk every morning , i myself  love drinking tea with milk.

hi  all
i can read but cant write well

Hi! I need your help. I didn't understand these words:  cheer up, first page (I know these words, but I think that in this case the meaning is different). Thank you.

hello everyone!

hi my name is Tom
i m enjoying my job. i m working in internet industry in France
my job is to recommend companies about there ebusiness strategy
i m a new member of this website 
i will enjoy it 

My name Balkess
I am new here I like to learn english
Thank you for prodcast, its was greet
good luck for all

i faced the same problem mr BANDUJEEWA .what ever i put in the blank is wrong plz ,give me the wright answer learn english team

Hello Nadia,
I answered Bandujeewa - you need to look at the next page of comments to see the answer.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

i love speaking english but i coudn't for any reason.anyway i decided to learn.
do you help me? i'm iranian and in here studing english so expensive so i find out i can learn with your site and i'm so happy indeed.i really need to IELTS.please help me.
thank you very much indeed.