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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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hi i like my job. it is interesting to meet different people and to visit various places in india .

Very nice ideas, thanks for this great episode

hi there. thanks for all who posted their ideas.
i actually enjoyed reading yours
best of luck

Hi, im Kristina. I work on TV and i like my job and especially my boss. I think im lucky but before i had horrible job with low salary, bad conditions, nervous boss 


Hello everybody,
I'd like the thank everyone who works in this site for the great efforts he does. I'm working in Eye Hospital as an Technichian Ophthalmic as well as  trainer. I do some investigations for the eye. I like my job, my coworkers are cooperating with me and the stuff also. I always really hate any injustice happens to me or to any person who has a lower postion. The managers and the owners don't mean, but it happens. So, I advise everyone who feels injustince to be patient and discuss with the responsible for her/his issue by decent way. He/she might solve it, but before he/she goes to discuss he/she has to know well what he/she is going to talk about. She/he has to have her/his theories. Like what to happened with me. I had a problem regarding to my salary, then I talked to the manager 3 times and before the last time i had decided that if he wouldn't solve it i would look for another work and i woudn't leave my work until i found another one. Eventually, thanks to Allah I solved the problem and got a rais.

Hi eveyone 
I am Momen
I would like to say that I realy enjoyed with this episode, because it meant much to me,
I work in internet filed as a sales representative in one of the biggest ISP companies in Egypt, when I joined to this job for the first time I was so happy, then after 3 years from the hard work I still in the same tittle, to be honest with you I can't blame only the company because I have my share in this, and that is exactly the reason why I am here in this wonderful website to improve my second language which will lead me to be professional in this kind of work,
thanks to you podcast, (special thanks to tees and ravi and also carolina - your accent is nice and mine somehow it's sounds like yours) big city small world, word on the street, and my lovely section "stories and poems" - special thank to the amazing writer chris rose, you are the best)
let me get back to talk a little bit about my job, I work in two jobs in one, it's somehow like the shampo 2x1 , I am a customer service agent and also I am a cashier in the same time I work in a full time shift, my day start at 09:00 AM and end at 09:00 PM 12 hours, I wrok for two days then I get two days as a vacation, and then I work for three days including friday and get three day as a vacation, it's complicated, I know you would say that, I deal with many customers by listening to thier needs and make them satisfied, renew thier bills, follow up on some cases with them. make new accounts, I never forget a day after finishing my work  and then I looked at my report to find out that I've been serve 360 customers in a day, I've seen 360 face in one day OMG that's too much, from waht I could tell it is not boring at all, or nice it's just a job.

Hi, I am a student and I could not find job yet, because unemployment is big problem in my country. I am looking for it and i hope I 'll find.

all the best anano

Hi there,
I hated the lack of privacy in my work force, but I've to put up with it because I really need the job.
Nice day!