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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Do you like your job – or your studies or your school?

We’d like to hear what you like or what you don’t like about your job. Is it interesting and exciting or is it boring and badly paid?


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I write a final thesis on faculty of the economics.  For small family marketing company I write a different texts for different partners. I love this job because I enjoy in writing. It is creative and varied job. I dream about own woman magazine in the future.

Hi, it is very interesting topic,
I love my job too much in spite of a lot of problems and pressure i have from my boss I'm working as office manager for the owner of import and export company, somtimes I feel bored because of the daily routine bewteen work and home but at the end we have to love what we do until we do what we love, its the life.
Thank you everybody for this service and effort to improve English language for all the people.

Hello there, I found the podcast interesting, especially Cameron's laugh. I am a student and therefore I do not work. So it becomes impossible for me to tell how it feels like having a job of your own. However, I do work at home, not as a means of earning but to help my family - like working in the field. Long weeks of study and then a day in the field is really reinvigorating.
I have one question since I am new to this site. How often are the elementary podcasts published? Is there a fixed time interval between two series of podcasts?
Thank you.

Hi Shuvanjan Dahal,
I think the elementary podcast published twice a month if I'm right.
Great day.

Hi. I finished college last year. I'm a metallurgical engineer but I haven't found a job on it yet. I was approved in a public tender for work with information technology, but I continue studying, because my dream is work with engineering. I love it and here in Brazil it is well-paid.

I'm a software developer, I enjoy my job. I work for a big printing firm. My job is to help the company build its own manager information system.

Hi there,
It's hard to say whether I like my job or not. I'm working as a nanny/domestic helper in HK, my duty is to look after two children & take care of their daily necessity, also helping with their school work if necessary + do all the household chore, including cooking & shopping just like a house wife does in her daily routine. Sometimes I like my job because it has no real pressure and an easy job to get without special requirement, especially in HK every house hold need a helper and generally people live in a small flat unless you get a wealthy family to work with & you've loads of work to do, but fortunately I worked with a family who lived in a 980 sq ft flat, so its less work for me, also I considered myself quiet lucky working with a nice family and well behaved kids. I don't like my job because its not a professional job, most of the time others look down on us and especially I've no freedom at all because I've to live in with my employer. I worked 6 days a week, have to do a bit of work during my off day too, it makes me hate my job that I've to work during my holiday. I enjoyed it too because my employer let me to study, I love studying very much that why I kept studying from 1 course to another even though I took it online. I am aiming of taking an online degree course from English University, and wish me luck everyone. Never loose hope, its only a stepping stone for the better future. I realyy enjoy learning English through this podcast immensely. An awesome program. Good luck for all elementary podcast listeners.

Hello! everyone,
How to pronounce the word 'bringing' ?    Who can tell me ,   Thanks
I'm a new learner .

i am a student in an university. so, i don't work any job. i spend almost my time studying.  i am learning econmics in the univesity because i want to be an economist in the future. i also love studying english as well as other foreign languages. i think that languages like keys, which can help you open many doors.
thanks Brishtish Council for such a fantastic work you do for all people who want to learn english.
good luck all of us with studying English.

I need exersice from british council to may email address please.
by mariam