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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

Tess & Ravi

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


How can i start from the binging
to improve my English

You already know some English - what do you want to work on next?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Adam, I'm Ramdhani. How to learn english although i'm old?because english not my mother language..i have problem with listening, structure n grammar. how to begin learning english very well..thank you..

Hello dear AdamJK,
I am Hedi from Iran. This site is so useful for me. I am going to improve speaking. For example, i think chatting with others can be helpful. How can i talk to people in this site? please help me!! you know that, in Iran there is not any chances to talk to foreigners.   Thanks

I'm new here, i want learn English

Its fun listening here i enjoy it very much,I want to see the place of London,just thinking if there are Filipino restaurant there, I am Filipino and i want to improve my skills in English,the correct grammar and more, its my first day joining in these site,Thank you very much its fun while listening your voice here,have a great day and God bless.
Catalina from philippines

I m new here. This is my first day in this site.......
And I am triying to download study material but I can't .....
How can I download this......

Hello mannat_0203!
Welcome to LearnEnglish! I hope you found the online material useful. For the downloads, first, make sure you are trying to download from the right place. For the sound, you can right click and save using the link under the audio. For the exercises and the words of the podcast, click on the link that says 'instructions & downloads'. You should see links there.
If this doesn't work, there might be a computer problem. Try it, and then tell me if you still have problems.
Jeremy Bee
The Learn English Team

I have never been to England and I am very interested in it. I've never tried England food. I think It's good

I am the newest here and I want to lean English well, Now I now only little:)