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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


hello there....i'm new here...i would like to improve my english very much..hope soon i can speak fluently and with right grammar..nice to meet all people around the world here!i'm from malaysia...nice to meet all of u...:)

no i didn't get a chance to eat British food . But what i heard  is that it  has a negative image in print media and more than half of their young blood are obese,  because of their eating habits.moreover every country has its own style or tradition of cooking and one shouldn't criticize others eating habits.afterall every citizen  strives hard to eat and survive.

Hello, I am also new, I like this site very much. Hope to my improve my knonwledge!

Mr. wmohamed,
Please respect others food, at least keep away from commenting food as horrible.  You must have to eat that If days comes for you.

although I have reached the age of 60, but I would like to speak the english   language fluently

Hello Samy,
Welcome to LearnEnglish! We have a few other users who are around your age and we're very happy to have you here. I have taught classes with students who were in their sixties and they had no problems improving their fluency over time. In fact, they were often less shy than the young students which helped them a lot.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

​hi! i am Asfand ali ​ from ​pakistan ,i am also a new learner in B.C.

Hello, I'm Lancer. I'm from Thailand. I've just been a member of this website.
It gives a lot of knowledge for me. I 'd like to practice  more English. When I have
some problems about  English, I want to ask someone who can help me. I'll wait for
 you, new friends!  Bye  bye

Usualy read art books and novelist, travel and learning Spanish idiom. But I am fond of the draw picture

Hi everyone,
I learn English because I need it in my study this is the first reason and the the second I think that the English language become as the global community language this global language we need it as well