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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Hello to every one, I 'm emailing from Italy yes of couse I tried british food several times. I ate different kinds of food. I totaly agree with Tess and Ravi, even if British people don't have long tradition of food and cooking , there you can find delicious restaurants, it depends how much money you can spend. 5 years ago I was a guest of a British family , I remember the breakfast was good, but the dinner was awfull, I remeber that my host family had only frozen meal , thy put it in the microwave oven and in 5 minutes the meal was ready. Many times I had dinner in pubs or restaurant, I can tell all you that the food was delicious. expecially  fresh fish like salmon.  In my country you can eat delicius traditional food wherever you go, Here in Italy  we have long tradition of food and cooking. Now we also have a lot of international restaurants like, chinese, giapanise, pakistany, lebanese, ect.  A good thing is that with a little money you can eat very well.  My favorite cousine is Italian cousin,  I can tell this , because I had the opportunity to travel all over the world, but  Italian food is delicious wherever you go , We have  a good quality price ratio, you should try it.

Hi everyone,
I haven't visited Britain before, to be honest neither haven't tried British food. My friend is living in London and he was telling me about British cuisine; Fish and Chips, Roast Beef, Roast Meat, Bacon Roly-Poly, Gammon Steak with egg, The Sunday roast, and lots of famous British dishes. He is really like the Sunday roast, it is very delicious. As he said one the best things about eating in Britain that it has lots of fantastic and delicious different types of food and cooking traditions you can eat from everywhere around the world countries as Italian, French, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Thai food.
I'm living in Saudi Arabia, and regarding eating out, we have lots of foods and cooking traditions; Turkish, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Pakistani and also Saudi tradition food.
Definitely, we really have here loads of different restaurants from around the world.   
I really like Lebanese cuisine, and also like spicy Chinese cuisine, they are really fantastic and delicious...
From other side, I don't like Pakistani and Indian food, they're horrible smell and  taste.
Best Regards,

I think Syrian and Lebanese food are the best

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