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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


hi all,
i have tired some British food,erm...i think what i ate was:P
by the way,i like chinese cuisine,esp some "light food" like dim sum,siu mai,i dont eat much:D
thanks for bringing us a great fun

Well, I've never been visit Britain or an other country too. And therefore I couldn't tell you about my experiences with foreign food. Ok. That's not true.
I Germany we have Restaurants of several Countries and it's possible to use them. But is that the same as to eat in the local Restaurant ? I think they try to hit the common taste.
I'm really enjoy your podcast and be happy to be a member of this community.

i have never tried British food but i have seen British dishes on the internet and it looks good. i even can't imagine how it tastes because the food in my country is very different from British food. i think it isn't just about cuisine, it is also about culture, history, custom.
i will tell you about Vietnamese food. I am not sure with my little English, how much i can tell you but i will try my best.
Vietnamese food is delicious (i think). in the past, we eat rice in every meal: breakfast, lunch,dinner. we eat  rice with vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. modernization not only brings us many chance to develop but also brings us food from many countries all over the world. today, some people especially  the youth get a custom with eating KFC, pizza,... for lunch or dinner or both. but if you are a real  Vietnamese , you will miss rice so much if you don't eat it for a few days.
telling about Vietnamese food, i must tell about a specialty of Hanoi "pho". you must try it if you have chance to visit Vietnam. it is really good.

Hai everyone,
i live in dharamapuri. i like my mother preparation food.
specialy tomato rice and biriyani..... i love my mother so much....
i am happy to see the new podcast.

"ALL THE BEST " to all

. We have good food in Egypt. healthy and delicious 

Hi everyone.
I've never been to Britain. But when I say "British food", "British meals", I think of porridge (oatmeal?), pudding, fried eggs with bacon (delicious), toasts with jam, beans. And of course, saddle of lamb (I'm reading Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy). And of course, nice cup of black tea with milk. I don't know when all of these associations came from, but there are in my head :)
And almost every morning I cook porridge, sometimes fry eggs, sometimes with bacon. I prepare toasts with jam or peanut butter. So it seems to me I'm in Britain :)
I live in Russia, Ekaterinburg. It's in the center of my country. What about eating in Russia...We have our Russian cuisine, and a lot of people really like it. Because of cold climate we need to eat hot, fat meal, a lot of meat and flour. Pasties, pies (we call them "pirogi", stress on the last syllable) are very popular. But nowadays there are many kind of vegetables and fruits in supermarkets in large cities even in winter. So I hope Russians will prepare more healthy foods.

Hi. I love good food. My country has a good food.  

Hi i am wywy and i have not visited Britain  before , so i don't know  any thing about British food  ; but i know people who have been to London .They admitted that food in Britain isn't very good
My English teacher have been to London , but i did not ask him about how much good the British food is .
In my city where i live in Egypt there are not different sorts of restaurants so i just eat Egyptian food and other Arabic food . The food in my country Egypt is very, very good and people all over the world of course know that .I think i am lucky to be from Egypt maybe because i am  interested in food !!      

Hi everybody. I am so happy to see the new podcast.

Hello Tom, Rob, Tess and Ravi,
I don`t know british food but always I`m hearing about this. Perhaps part of this is true, part is a mistake, few information.
Brasil is a big country and the food is variable, depends of each region, there are a lot of tipical  food. I love rice and beans, vegetable salads and trout. 
I like to watch cuisine programe tv, and many of then are healthy, practical and fast. The problem is after then I´m feeling starving!
The programe is very nice, congratulations!
best regards, Fah