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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


I have never tried British before because I live in the countryside, I don't have any chance to eat such kind of fast food. I think that British food tastes well, I hope one day I can try it.

hi, i love to see my country name in this lesson,Pakistan. That all over the worl people like pakistani food. it's really delicious. i really like too.
as far as british food is concern i never tast it but i guess not all british food is bad, may be one or two dishes taste very good. just like in pakistani people like thai soup, italian pizza,pasta,lasagne and macaroni, chinese noodles, rice.but not all dishes from these countries.
I am happy that i got full marks in all task except matching food items with countries, i got only four marks.
but there is a problem in this software that your house ruls tell us that write in lower case only, but when we write the first letter in lower case then we get zero point. just bcz of spelling.

I think the problem of British food is not about what we can possibly eat here but about what people actually eat. That is not a problem on the producers' side but the lack of passion of consumers of eating good food. Britain has really great farm produce both in terms of meats and vegetables. It also has some good restaurants, that is true. If you have a passion to eat well, it is not hard to find a way to do that. And good farm produce and good restaurants mean some people ARE highly conscious about eating. The problem is not about those 'some' but about the majority. Most people here buy and eat frozen food and processed food most of the times. THEY DO NOT EITHER COOK OR EAT OUT!!! Sometimes people do not even have a proper meal. We were really surprised when my wife and I visited our British friends. We had tea with clotted cream and scorn at around 4 pm. Lovely. OK, then we got hungry at 7 pm. We started to wonder what we were going to eat for dinner. It was then 8 pm. Half past.... No conversation about food, no question either. Then a terrible idea came up to my mind. Maybe nothing??? That WAS the dinner!!! Oh my goodness, we have to run to the local pub now or otherwise we will miss a meal and will have to spend a night hungry!!! That's how British people are about food. I think something like this is very rare in the world. I wonder if people here are aware that they are strange! What do you think?

Good afternoon everybody. When I think about British food the first dish is fish and chips. But what I really like is the British breakfast. I love to ate well and much in the morning and when I served this kind of food my plate looks well and contained- two eggs with two sausages, some beans with mushrooms, and two slices toast .
In my country there are a lot of restaurants with international cuisine, Polish food,Greek food,French food so on but my favorite is Chinese food although Romanian food is the best for me. We have a lots of traditional food like -sarmale, piftie, carnatii,ciorba de perisore- and of course we have traditinal dessert, -cozonac

I have never tried British foods.I have heard that British foods are usually not that much spice interesting to taste them even though i like spice foods. In here there are lots of kind of eating outs like fast food restaurants, takeaways, cafes, pubs, canteens etc.

No, I did not tried British food ever. British food is based on beef, lamb, pork, Chicken and fish. The food served with potatoes or other vegetable.

In my country India, the food and taste varied very much depends on zone of the country. Like north zone likes to eat more spiced food, west zone like sweet food and not so spices. East and South India majority of people likes non-vegetarian food but in North side many people likes to have only vegetable as Food.

I never eat British food. One of the my friends work a classic restaurant in London. I watch website of this restaurant. I think their dishes were look very nice and classic.
I very rarely time eating out. I like my wife's cooking. Because I like Mongolian traditional foods that noodle, tsuivan, khuushuur, buuz and boiled beef with any vegetables.

I have never been abroad, so i could not provide any reasonable comment on which countries's food is better. I am a sales man and I traveled a lot in past, visited many places in China. Chinese food is so wonderful, you can try totally different kinds of food in different provinces. There are many types food in China, mainly categorized by location. The north is famous for Royal food, as Qing dynasty capital was located in Beijing at north of China. The Royal food features is well prepared, with complicated process such as Rostated Duck. The east is famous for Yangzhou Food, in ancient Yangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou were very beautiful and rich, the large rich family employed large group cookers to prepare their food, so the symbols of this area food are fancy, delicate. There are several other categories such as Guangzhou food, Chongqing Hot pop, Shanxi all kinds of noodles and so on. In summarize, my colleagues from western all considered Chinese food is well-prepared with many categories.

Hello, I am from Venezuela. The food here is very healthy and traditional. We have the Arepa for the breakfast that is a type of bread made with a corn flour and can be filled with different foods like cheese, meat, chicken, tuna, and the most traditional is filled with a potato salad that contains carrots, chicken and mayonnaise. Very Delicious!.
I was in England two years ago and I did not see a extensive variety of English food. I saw fish and chips in some places but I did not try it. However there are two English cheff that I love, Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, I love their food! They are very talented chef, and I always see their programs on TV.

I don't have chance to know British food.
Actually people haven't many time. For that reason the fast food is a good option.
My fast food prefer is DESGRANADO. It contain beef, bacon, chicken, sweet corn, fried potatoes and a delicious sauce...ummmmmm I'm hungry. Bye...