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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


hey ... i love you Ravi and Tiss ! you are really so interesting thank you alot <3 

I like the most sort of food generally healthy food

i think the horrible thing that British people have,is their behavior.

Hallo everybody
Adam said, you can't find a british restaurant outside uk. That's not true.
There is a british restaurant in Wiesbaden, a city 40 km from Frankfurt in Germany.
You can eat especially fish and chips, but also other british dishes.
Bernd from Germany

 Hello everbody, As laliche says on this page , the spanish gastronomy is rich
and variety.Spanish restaurants have a lot of Michelin Stars, we have famous
Chefs. We say in Spain the north stews, the center roasts and the south fried.

Hi everybody,
I was been in London for 20 days as a tourist. That time I came to know about British breakfast and food. I took scrambled eggs, sausage,baked beans, smashed potatoes, corn, varieties of fruit juice, many items in breakfast. In lunch I ate London famous "Fish & chips' which I liked very much. I took fish & chips item 2 to 3 times a day also. In our country ( INDIA) we are taking light breakfast ...hand made bread with vegetables and heavy lunch specially with fish and chicken or mutton. Our food is mainly spicy and oily. and delicious. British food is mainly boiled and baked which is good for health.I liked that very much.

hi everyone!
I'm from Vietnamese. In my country, there are many foods and they're delicious but I still like the dishs of fish. because it's good for health.

Hello everyone! i´m so glad because i got good  score on listening however i need to practice a bit more on reading task.

hi, I am from Iran. in my country there is different foods. each different zone of country has own special food. in our zone(Azerbaijan) the most popular foods are kufte, dolma, yogurt ashi... they are so delicious. they are traditional foods.
in my country Iran eating out at the past was not more common, but nowadays people prefer to eat out. I think there are some reason for it. first, at the past decades almost women were at home(housewife) and they made foods. but now almost of women go to the work for this reason they can not make their own dairy foods. 
also todays people prefer to eat out just because I think they have got lazy.
in iran there is not much more best restaurants. often their foods quality is so low and their cost is high! it is not fair!
almost you can not find strange restaurant for foreigner or some iranian people that like to try the other countries foods. if they wanted to eat for example Italian food they have to go Italy and try it there!
maybe it is just because when they open other countries restaurant they have not the same amount of client that they have it when they open iranians restaurant   

Hello, Jeremy Bee and AdamJK!
I've got a problem with exercises under this podcast. I can't see them.