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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


I don´t have been in Britain, but I have ate some meals similar.
For example, the sausage, beans, ships, roast beef. in my country Colombia are variety dishes. 
About of British Food, I  like the corn more than the beef.
In my country Colombia eat out is a thing very important, here are a lots of places, restaurants of many kinds of foods around the world, Italian pizza spaghetti, Argentina food, Chinese food, Arabs food, American Food, Mexican Food.
All the food in Colombia is very very well. here are restaurants knows around the world like McDonalds, KFC, Dunkin Donuts. the restaurants are well. excellent service to customers.
  I prefer or I like the corn, beans, and pizza and spaghetti. because i like the smell of the flour cooked and its flavor, the spaghetti too, the same for beans. these meals are free of fat.
Eat out is well any day in Colombia. at night, in the morning, midday or in the afternoon.
Here are locations very well and pleasant for eat. 
from Colombia South America

I was in London when I was a teen and I remember the good breakfast in the hotel(eggs,sausages...and a good orange juice).I ate in a good japanese restaurant,but the rest of the days were hamburgers,sandwich and fish and chips.I know there s a lot of restaurants in London,but a little expensive if you want to eat good food.I love mediterranean and spicy food.I think Spain is one of the best countries to eat,because there s a good relation between quality and price.We ve got a great variety of food(paella,cocido,fishes,meats,omelettes,,,).In my country food is very imaginative,because with 3 or 4 ingredients,you can do a delicious meal.Here all people enjoy eating.There are restaurants with tapas and spanish people are always eating and drinking with friends on festivities.

Hello to all of you before I am starting for further information about the food what I like I just want to introduce myself first I am from The Philippines and English are my second languages aside from Filipino and I am a chef in one of the famous restaurant here in my place. Food is my passion the most interesting facts about the food you can eat a lot of meals if you are a Chef. English meals  are the most delicate food to make because it has a varied ingredients but these types of meals are lighter one and easy to make because English people want to eat a lot of mashed potatoes and roast beef, vegetables and healthy olive oil rather than normal oil we are using in some parts of Asian countries. For me I inclined to eat binge of snacks but my meals are very heavy I ate a lot of rice usually in one day I had eaten 5 to 6 meals in a whole day and I fond to eat of Thai food. Thai food because of the ingredients are very healthy they are comprised of herbs and vegetables I don't eat meat from pork for almost 4 years in time. Thank you English team for providing this kind of exercises now I have time to express my opinion and comments. More power to all of you.

When I came to Britain first, I stayed in a hotel in Abbington, Oxford. My first meal was breakfast. I remember the British breakfast menu was quite interesting for me :) For instance, there were baked beans and sautéed mushroom. Actually, in Turkey, we eat these two on dinner rather than breakfast. On the other hand, similar to Turkey, there were scrambled egg, sausages (not pork) and toasted bread on the menu.
Then i saw a British woman preparing fruit milk with fresh fruits. That is okay, delicious also. But she added lemon juice on top. I was shocked. Milk and lemon, oh, come on! :)
Different from Britain, in Turkey, we have some kind of cheese, honey, olives, fresh tomato, cucumber, fried potato on our breakfast table.
I ate some fruits, corn flakes with milk. And that was so good and enough for me that day. :)
In Oxford, Ask Italian was the best for me to eat for dinner. I believe i prefer italian pasta, garlic bread, pizza and water to British dishes and water. :)
In my country you can find both Western and Eastern dishes. In addition, Turkish food, espicially types of kebaps, soaps, desserts and side dishes are fantastic.

mmm i 'm not so interested in food  but here in Egypt you can always enjoy eating  traditional meals like FOL & FLAFEL they are mainly beans and some additives and also there's the deserts that well know ''eastern deserts'' like KONAFA,KATIF and BASBOOSA as well 

Hi everyone
I've never been in Britain so I've never tried British foods. 
Many British people prefer to spend their summer holidays in beautiful coasts of Turkey, so I met some British friends when I was on my holiday in my country. there are some Turkish restaurants serve English breakfast for tourists. When I read the English breakfast menu, I was a bit surprised. because ıt contains high calori foods like bean, sausage. we never eat bean at breakfast. It is eaten at lunch or dinner.
Anyway, I've had a chance to try the most famous international cuisines,as you mentioned Italian, French, Thai, Indian dishes. I think Turkish cuisine is the best all over the world. We have many kinds of delicious traditional foods and deserts such as sish kebap, lahmacun, içli köfte, mantı, baklava. When I was in abroad, I found out that Turkish restaurants are very popular around there. It is suprised me that you never mentioned about Turkish cuisine in the podcasts. It is excellent I highly recommend you to taste it:)

Hello! New here :) English is my mother tongue, and Malay. Arabic is my second language, other than my real mother tongue- Bangla xD
I love learning languages! I'm currently learning Spanish, franch and I'm quite good in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Urdu :) 
I love you, LearnEnglish! you are Amazing, and I enjoy these podcasts, especially Word on The Street :)
And Ashley & Stephen, Tess & Ravi, and Adam & Rob xP
Oh, I also love Fish & Chips, and roast beef, and sausage and mash. 

Ok thus good is the same to me English is not my language but i real like it. So guys help me thru this website to gain more things. Am a Tanzanian living in Dar es salaam the capital city our favorite food is Posho,Rice, and Beans you real welcome guys  in our city.

Hi Friends, My native language is Bangla. I want to develop my English writing skill. anyone help me to be a good pen-friend. 

Salam. (Are you a Muslim?)
Apne kamon achen?
Hello, I'm a Singaporean, pure Bangladeshi. From Chittagong :)
One problem, i don't speak bangla that much because I can't say properly(I stop going to bangla shcool at 7 years old, that's why). But I understand bangla 100%... don't worry :) i also know Sylheti & Chittagonian & Noakhali.
do you agree to m as your pen pal? I can help with your English :)