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Episode 17

Tess and Ravi talk about a very famous British family and Adam passes on your kind words to Carolina.

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


Language level

Intermediate: B1


My country use to has a royal family, but it was in the IXX century. After the monarchy came the presidential regime. 
About the names of relatives in portuguese is similar in english, we have to explain everything.

Hi Fabio
Vice versa in Persian family relatives is defined simply. I think it's better. what do you think?

i would like to improve my English with a person who knows this language well,because i am learning it now so i need practice .it'll be very good)thanks

hi everybody)
i am from Ukraine and i want to improve my English.
I've found this site and i like it very much.thank u!!!!

My country has democratic rule. however we had to study about kings at school days. History is one of my favourite subjects. i like the stories of alexander the great, chandragupta maurya and ashoka the great. and coming to my family, we are three members, me, my brother and mother. yes we have different words for older and younger brothers, sisters and relationships are very clear. My mother toung is tulu. i like learning different languages. i can speak tulu, kannada, hindi/urdu, english (not fluently) and telugu. also i can understand tamil, malayalam and sanskrit. currently i am in the process of learning persian.
Looking forward to next episode.

Hi Kirankumar
I was very surprised that someone in India wants to learn Persian.
I want to say you in Persian good luck "موفق باشی"

I am from Finland. I want to know English.
Help me somebody! :D

i am from tibet and i also wanted to learn english, so if you are interested we can help each other. my english is not good but i think we both had something to learn from each other.
good day

hi guides,, m from india..  my country has a royal history. there were many kings in india n some were really great like akbar, maharana partap and a queen maharani lakshmi bai,, she was tremendously brave. 
i am new on this site,, hope i will be able to improve my english with all of you, 
is there anyone who would like to practice english with me,, i have got 7 bands in ielts from british council.. i will be going to canada this sept,, 
good luck everyone

Hi everyone.. I'm from India and we don't have a Royal Family. But i like British Royal Family a lot.. Coming to my family... Its small like me, mom, dad and a brother..