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Episode 17

Tess and Ravi talk about a very famous British family and Adam passes on your kind words to Carolina.

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


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I wish I could improve my english listening skill from here

hello everybody!
I´m from Spain and we have royalty  too, we have a queen and a king. I suppose the most important figure , on the contrary that in England is the king, because he is the hereditary one , I want to say , the queen is queen because she was  married with him. Our queen,like the King of England is Greek and is a member of Greek loyal family ,too( That seem to be very extends!)
What about feelings people are show about Spanish royalty ?
I must think, there have been always a debate about this topic. For example I  think that the most perfect sort of government is the democracy instance. and It,s enough for itself, so It doesn´t need and complementary help for diplomatic issues or so on. 
I think  we must vote the best political option for each other and I don,t believe we need more persons  who represent us. Beside is a waste of money.
Lately we are having a political scandal when the son in law of our king has been accused of a kind robbery. he is in judge now for has been accused for  keep himself money designated for public purpose.
All in all I don´t think it can improve the popular valuation,when Spanish people are being heavily hit by the financial crisis

Hi All,
My country is not a kingdom but a republic. Sometimes I hope we also have king or queen.
As you know, all kingdom countries does not give king or queen full power to control his or her country. King or queen is just honorary representative of the country. So why not. I think we also can have a royal family.
Several TV drama actually have been made as if there is a royal family in this country. 
Thank you.   

Hello, here, in Brasil, we haven't kings and queens. We have a female president(Dilma Roussef), she's nice, she's the first woman to govern Brasil.
Many time ago we had a king an queen, they were portuguese, we are colonized by portugueses. 
I think there are many protocol in a royal family, i don't know if we adapted to this. 
But we like Queen Elizabeth, she's sympathetic, elegant and seems to comprehensive. It's not easy to be a queen for all these years, so, god save the queen.

Hi Michelle,
I see news about your female president. I think she is well doing her role as a president of Brasil. In my opinion, more women should become leaders of entities to make the world peaceful village.   
My country will select a new president coming October this year. We have a female candidate who has high probability to take the presidential office. But we need to wait and see the result.
Thank you. 

Hi guys. I am a teacher of English language. I have been teaching English Language for about three decades. This website is more than fantastic. It is not easy to describe it with few sentences. It is really great and everybody can take the advantage of that if they go through a proper plan. Time management is very important. You should have a schedule and you have to be stick to it in order to gain the satisfactory success you would like to achieve. Big thanks to the British Council on their efforts.

Hi dear friends,
I am Ghasem from Iran, a new member, and this is the first comment I am writing here. Firstly I should express my thanks to British Council for preparing this useful site. I think this site is invaluable in learning English for those who want to learn English by self study. Secondly I believe that talking about family member and relationships is very important and sometimes difficult. This podcast showed us how we can tell other people about our family in a simple way. I really enjoyed it.  
Whish you all, the best      

I don't know what issues that we need to talk, but i just want to leave a comment. thank you & i love you. muach........!

Yes, we had to learn kings and queens till 10th standard and we still have a few of them. Although they aren't part of the government as of now but local people treat them as they did when they were in power.
I have mainly heard about royal families of Rajasthan although they exist in other states of India also. One of them is Maharaja Gaj Singh II and his family in Jodhpur. He finished Batchelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)  from Christ Church, Oxford.
I got confused when Tess and Ravi talked about the names of the Royal Family. I had to repeat the recording to remember them but it was fun and widened my knowledge.
We have different names for different relations. For example, brother is called "bhai" or "bhaiya", sister is called "didi", mother's father and mother are called "nana" and "nani" respectively, father's father and mother are called "dada" and "dadi" respectively etc.

i just sign in here, i hope it will be useful