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Episode 17

Tess and Ravi talk about a very famous British family and Adam passes on your kind words to Carolina.

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


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Hello Clare,

No, I'm afraid not. The present perfect isn't used to speak about a finished time period

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I want learn English please

I also want to know mo
re fluent in English speaking

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hi guys

Good night everyone,

In my country there was a royal family, they'd left their native country because they were in a business trouble with the England, I'm writing about the Brazil's history. Nowadays, They've lived in a democracy where the President has been the most powerful in the country and it's quite relevant that he is chose by nation in an election. I really like this way of diving a country as it's been doing in Brazil, I believe that the England's royal family is been a preservation cultural, though. I like too.

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Caio Carvalho

here in Colombia there aren't Royal family and I consider it is better like this since it makes to divide the people, and the society with different social strata among the families which makes to feel the people inferior of the others .

In my country don´t we have royal families, fortunately because I am agree, they life of the poor people.

Britain Royal Family is quite interesting because they can use the national budget obviously. And most of the citizen agree with it even they spent lots of money year after year.

There is no king or queen in Palestinian territories. Palestine is under Israeli occupation until now , so there is Palestinian Authority that manages Palestinian people affairs in social cases only.It doesn't have any political power because Israel doesn't give it any permits to rule Palestinian People,or to have any power on Palestinian lands.
I want to talk about My family. I have great parents Ahmad and Aidah. I have three sisters and two brothers. I have four nephews. one is Ayham which is son of my brother Basil. the other are Qais and Omar who are sons of my sister Mai.The last one is Kamil who is the son of my sister Samar.Their grandparents,I mean my parents are waiting to have granddaughter patiently.I know that I will have so cute niece in future In (Shaallah) when Allah wanted that.