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Episode 17

Tess and Ravi talk about a very famous British family and Adam passes on your kind words to Carolina.

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


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I hope you will fulfill your dream one day! Thanks for your nice words about LearnEnglish.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, friends:))
This topic is very interesting. In Bulgaria we haven't got royal family  nowadays. Bulgaria is Parliamentary Republic. We have got a president and prime minister :)
I think British royal family is famous all the world. People love and admire Elizabet The Second and her family. This is really great British symbol. I also like them.

Hi, I come from Italy. We don't have a king since 1946 when people chose a republican form of government and adopted a new Constitution after WWII.
I was born some years later and, I may say, people don't miss a king or a royal family and all that kind of stuff. Maybe our royal family, the Savoia, weren't so loved as the English royal family.
We don't have a king or a queen but we had, and still have, a President of the Italian Republic that were, and are, very popular and loved by people.

  Hi for everyone! I am from Russia! Nowadays we don't have a king or queens. But in the past our country was the biggest and one of strong Empire.
  what about my family. my parents has three daughters. I am youngest.

I am kawthar from syria it is diffecult to me to remember the names of princes and queens  after reading the transcript  have you any advance.

Hello kawthar!
Unless you are studying British history in school... You don't have to remember them! To be honest, most English people don't know the names of all the kings and queens. Adam even says he found it hard to remember the names at school!
Best wishes
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

hi, everyone, its great pleasure to join here in learning English by British council. And it will be great experience to come across you people. I have started to learn the British accent, which is more favorable to me. sometime i get problem in pronunciation of a word, which can be corrected by this podcasts series.

Hi everyone its really sad when you far far way from your love one,that i really miss so much i came here to america because we don't have any opportunity to my country,like a job let say yeah theres a job you can find but is not enough to provide for your family what they need because everything is really expensive foods cloth gas for your car and anything alse.That's why i need to work and i don't even know if they ok or if they eat a ready because sometimes when they buy food and don't have any for tomorrow,thats why i keep continuely study here in british council to improve more my english that i need to use for everyday talking to native speaker,sometimes i still have difficult to understant other word that is not familiar for me.I hope oneday i can see my wife and my dauther is now one years old i really miss so much i know is hard to be far from your family that you really miss so much, and i wan't to thank to british council that they continue helpin who is need to improve they're english like me and i'm thankful i found this british council because first time i came here to america i'm really scared talking to native speaker,but now since i start here i listen listen to all audio and read a lot and do the activities that really amzing alright that all for now and thank you very much british council

Now, Turkey is a republic and ruled by the Turkish Great Parliament but during the Ottoman State, it was ruled by Sultans. In that time we had 36 sultans so it is a bit difficult to memorize all of them with full names and in the right order. :) Moreover, their names also has suffixes like first, second like British kings and queens. For instance, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered Istanbul, is Fatih the Second. 
As you mentioned in the podcast, in Turkish language some titles depends on which side they are from, mother or father.  For the sake of example, in Turkish uncle means both amca and dayı. Amca is from the father side, and dayı is from the mother's. 

Hello everyone! I'm Carolina and I'm from Guatemala. In my country we don't  have a king or queen. Only the Mayans Civilization had Kings. But I know that in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil were Empires. The first Mexican Empire was from 1821 to 1823 and the second Mexican Empire was from 1863-1867. While the Brazilian Empire was 1822-1889.