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Episode 17

Tess and Ravi talk about a very famous British family and Adam passes on your kind words to Carolina.

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


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Intermediate: B1


Turkey had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire for about 600 years. It was a great and powefull dynasty and played very important role in European and Middle East history, maybe you've read about it in history books. 
The Ottoman Empire is collapsed in First World War and Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 by Ataturk. Now, we don't have a royal family, we are ruled by Turkish parliament which members are choosen by Turkish citizens. 

Sorry I forgot to ask the meaning of "... down to earth, he speaks his mind ...."?
Could any one help me?

Hello Morteza!
If you type down to earth in the Cambridge Online Dictionary box you'll see down-to-earth means 'practical, sensible'. Compare it with his head in the clouds which means not practical, a dreamer, and I think you can see the difference! Speaks his mind means he says what he thinks, and doesn't try to hide it.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello yassmin!
Check out my answer to Morteza, just above. Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

i don't know either what the meaning of that expression :(

Hi everyone I am Morteza from Iran
Iran was ruled by a lot of kings since ancient times until 32 years ago. The latest royal family was Pahlavi  that had 2 monarchs and second latest is Qajar dynasty. around 2500 years ago Hakhamaneshi Empire rouled Iran and their  ceremonial capital was Persepolis which was situated in near Shiraz, Iran today, they are Iranian glory and I revisited Persepolis at last new year. It is very beautiful palace, I suggest to all of you to visit their palace if you can or just see it's photos.
I know that remember of names is very hard as I don't remember of kings of British royal family :-)

hi all.....
iam looking to chat with English men and women.
hope someone will help me...
many hours im in FB chat....
i think i can improve my English language and gain  more knowledge by chat with others,,,
im also listening to elemantry podcast everyday...
so far it will help me to improve my language skills..
i hope to improve it more and more.....

Hello Mayura!
We're happy that you want to talk to other learners on the website, but please remember that our house rules ask you not to share or ask for personal information – and this includes Facebook details. This is to protect all our users!
We're looking at ways to make it easier for learners to talk to each other, and until then, you are welcome to join the conversation in the 'comments' section of each page!
Enjoy your stay!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Nooryan!
As I said to Mayura, we're always happy when our visitors want to talk to each other, but our house rules ask you not to share or ask for personal information – and this includes e-mail. This is to protect all our users! Why not talk to each other in the comments section?
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team