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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi

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  • Do you believe that the Loch Ness monster really exists?
  • Have you ever visited Loch Ness? Would you like to go?
  • Tell us about any stories of strange monsters that you know about from your country, in the water or on the land.

Language level

Intermediate: B1


Btw. I luv u Adam, Rob, "Tess & Ravi" of course.
bye bye Rob!! U R a good teacher.

Hi there. I've been listening to your podcasts for 2 years, but I couldn't sent you any comments. Well, after 2 years I think it's the time to say something.
   I think monsters and such things do not exist, not on earth at least. I think it is some kind of seeing illusion. Or maybe some people made up this story to make the others exited and make themselves well-known.
  Anyway, weather this story is real or not, I enjoyed it. Ta mates.

Thanks a lot for the podcast. But why don't you update it in itunes podcasts? It's really inconvenient to check a new podcast on the site(

Hi all, I don't think there are real monsters in this world, including the water monsters in the lake in Scotland. I think maybe those are the other animals we have never seen before.

i'm Wywy ,firstly i'm very sad that it was the last time we hear from Rob.
 In my opinion there are no real monsters.Here in Egypt it's said that there is a bride in the sea hurt people who go there at night, but that bride isn't a real bride.
Ancient Egyptians used to throw beautiful girls in the Nile because it gives them life so it's said that the bride of the sea will hurt people.
There are also a lot of unreal monsters in the Arab countries ,but i think they are mothers'  imagination to frighten their children .When i was young my mother was telling me  about a monster who hurt the children who don't do their homework and another one for people who don't wash their hands before eating.
May be i'll use those monsters when i have a child.  .

Hi there...'?
My name's Dewi Arya Pandan Sari and, I'm from Indonesia.
I've listened all the podcasts, well, I should admitted my friend's opinion, he's right that you guys are wonderful, the way you're drawing the story through the voices is perfect, I even miss Gordon and his joke so much. lol...
Even though I wondered whom created this free download site, butta I just wanna say thank you^.^",,

hi all  really its glad to me to sign on this website and join  others  and want to improve my English language to be better . 

Hi everyone 
I am from turkey,I am really happy to sign up this site. :)

Hi, I'm Nizar from Aceh, Indonesia. Poor carolina, i feel homesick too right now. the place that i used to go to cheer up my self when i'm down is the beach which is near to the city.

Hello to everyone from Venezuela.... This time I have a doubt.... Rob almost at the one of the podcasts said something like " We're looking forward to HEARING what you think about Nessie and your stories about strange monsters and animals around the world". My question is, is it possible to use that verb ending in ing after the preposition TO????  I hope your reply!!! thanks!!!!