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Episode 19

Tess and Ravi talk about a scary monster. But there's something worse than monsters; Adam and Rob say goodbye!

Tess & Ravi

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  • Do you believe that the Loch Ness monster really exists?
  • Have you ever visited Loch Ness? Would you like to go?
  • Tell us about any stories of strange monsters that you know about from your country, in the water or on the land.

Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello Vincen,
Yes, that's the correct form to use after 'look forward'. You can check it by using the online dictionary box at the right-hand side of the page.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Great! thanks a lot! I look forward to learning more english with this side!!!

Hi everyone
We don’t have any strange creatures like Nessie that specifically shows Iran, but we have very old stories like Zahak with 2 snakes on his shoulders.The story is ……

Zahak was cruel king that had 2 snakes on his shoulders after devil (as his chef) kissed Zahak’s shoulders due to his request for delicious meal that he cooked to Zahak. After the kiss, devil (chef) suddenly disappeared .Snakes must have been fed with 2 human brains every day to become calm. He couldn’t cut them because they had devil soul and grew again. So he began to kill young man. After years population of city went down. People understood that something was happening. Tow person decided to learn cooking to access the Zahak’s kitchen. Then they entered to his kitchen and mixed brain of a man and a sheep together and fed to snakes. Hence they saved many of young’s life.
Eventually a blacksmith (Kave) went to Zahak’s palace to save his last son’s life. Zahak in order that showed he is a righteous man, released Kave’s son and wanted from Kave to sign a paper that showed Zahak was fair man. But Kave didn’t sign. Kave escaped from palace and collected people and with help of Fereydon made Iran’s army and defeated the Zahak.
This is just a summary of a famous Persian story and you can find all of it on internet.

Hi ! I'm Oussama from Morocco ! NOT BEN LADEN OF COURSE !! The podcast is really amazing . In Morrocco there are a plenty of tales about monsters, for instance Boo . Mums , when their kids refuse to eat , threat to call Boo. Sometimes ,this can be dangerous and affect   children's psychology .

Hi Everybody,
I also don't believe in such stories of monsters. I also never love to watch horror movies. I am not also good in English. If I made a grammar mistake, I would appreciate  your correction. :)

Hello, colleagues.
That podcast made me really funny. I have never beleived in these stories because evidence isn't proof it. As for any scary monster, I have one story). I am from Russia and people here say that we have monster which eats chikens and rabbits every time. It name a Chupaсabra. You can see it on It looks like hyena. One part of it looks like a dog and another part from hyena. Some people here very scared when Chupacabra attacked their animals. But I can't share this the view because I think that's just mutant of hyena.
So, I wish everyone goodluck in study English!

Hi, everyone. 
I've been listenning to elemantary podcasts for a while, but I didn't leave any comments before. 
I am not very good at English writing and want to improve it. If you correct my writing or grammar mistakes, I would be happy.
First, I have to say that, I really want to come to Scotland as a tourist. Because I was impressed the nature and beautiful views, when I watched the American movie named, "Made of Honor".
when I was a child, for about 15 years ago, people said that there was a monster in Van Lake, which is the eastern part of Turkey and also the biggest lake of Turkey. TV programmes showed us some scenes about the monster. Actually like Loch Ness monster, the scenes or the photographs didn't prove there was a monster. we've never seen it. ıt looked like a different types of sea creatures.  I've never believed there was a monster in Van Lake. It has been forgotten in a short time. It is remained as a funny cartoon in our memories:)

Hello Roxellan!
What an interesting story! I'm always learning about new things from comments from our readers and listeners, and I'm glad you've started commenting. Unfortunately, we don't really have time to correct every comment we get, but don't worry - I can understand your writing just fine, so keep sharing your thoughts!
Enjoy the rest of the site,
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone
I am from Indonesia ,pleased to meet with all

first i can't understand anything....