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Episode 12 - An old friend

Julia doesn't want to meet Sammy's old friends. What is she nervous about?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Thanks to technology, my old friend and I communicate online.

I have an old friend. He and I were classmates about 40 years ago. He lives in my neighborhood. I often see him in the street.

good vedio

It hard to say how often do I see my old friends, it depends. Certain friends I see very often in opposite to another friends whom I see once in a while. I'm not friends with any of my old teacher.

I rarely have a new friend..............

I have no news from my former classmates at the university. I really want to know what they've become

I´m not friends with my former teachers but I do see them at some schools because I´m a teacher too.

ı rarely meet my old friends because we are different cities and some of my friends are married, they have children so that they concern their family and they don't have enough time for meeting.

I am friend with my mathematics teacher of secondary school. I meet he during the Christmas.

I often meet my old friends on weekends. We have coffee together.
There are some my old teachers, i loved them. Sometimes we meet.