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Episode 06 - I'll pay

Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?

Task 1: Check your understanding 1


Task 2: Check your understanding 2


Task 3: Ordering 1


Task 4: Ordering 2


Task 5: Paying 1


Task 6: Paying 2




Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Few days ago i went to hairdresser's .when i was in front of the cashier i realised that i had forgotten my wallet in the other purse...then, i left and came back a few minutes later to was an embarrassing moment.

I think I call a friend of mine to help me with some money but if the person that I am is familiar, I can ask him or her to help me with the bill. But it never happend to me!

Yes, I was victim of this situation, but I have keep my cold blood, and I have explained to the waitress that I have forget my wallet at home, so I said him, I'd like to leave my identity paper and after I will be back for pay his money.

Are he acceipt this way to pay the bill .. becuse if you give your id card to any body in this way this is inligly

it's very unpleasant when your credit card has same problem because ... it's not money in your bank account!!

I have never came up with such situation ever in my life. But if ever it happen to me, definitely i will ask my friend to pay. or else will pay half each.

hmm in Indonesia. However, Men always pay the bill when we were dinner,shopping and anything :--(

It have not happened to me. I always use my credit card. I always check its balance with internet or app. Plus, for date, Man pay for almost everything in my country.

sometimes I run out of the money that why I have to use my credit card for s.o.s hahaha.
in some kind situation if I don't have enough money then I can use my partner or my friends money and ill pay her/him back later on.

In my country, Indonesia, Generally man pay for everything :)