Episode 06 - I'll pay

Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?


Waitress: Are you ready to order?
Julia: Yes, we are. ... I'd like chicken soup for the first course.
Sammy: And I'll have chicken soup, too.
Waitress: And for the second course?
Julia: I'll have ... steak and chips, please.
Sammy: And I'll have lasagne.
Waitress: OK, so two chicken soups, one steak and chips and one lasagne. Would you like anything to drink?
Julia: Would you like some water with your meal, Sammy?
Sammy: Oh, that's a good idea, but I prefer sparkling water. But I don't mind.
Julia: Yes, sparkling water. Can we have a bottle of sparkling water, please?
Waitress: Of course.      

Julia: Mmm, that was a nice meal.
Sammy: Yes, it was. This is a lovely restaurant.
Julia: Yes, it is. I come here quite a lot. ... Waitress, can we have the bill, please?
Sammy: I'll pay!
Julia: No, no. Let's pay half each.
Sammy: No, I insist. I'll pay.
Julia: Are you sure?
Sammy: Yes, yes. Absolutely.
Waitress: Here's the bill, sir.
Sammy: Thanks. Can I pay with debit card?
Waitress: Of course, sir.
Julia: I'll pay for the next meal we have.
Sammy: No, don't worry! This is my gift to you.
Waitress: Sorry, sir. There's a problem with your card. It says ...
Sammy: OK, I'll pay in cash. How much is it?
Waitress: It's 48 pounds and 53 pence.
Sammy: Oh dear! All my money is in my other jacket.
Julia: Don't worry! I'll pay. ... Here's my credit card.
Waitress: Thank you, madam.
Sammy: I'll pay for the next one.
Julia: Don't worry about it. I'll pay for this gift.

Task 1: Check your understanding 1


Task 2: Check your understanding 2


Task 3: Ordering 1


Task 4: Ordering 2


Task 5: Paying 1


Task 6: Paying 2



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2

Soumis par Rafaela1 le sam 13/03/2021 - 13:11

I returned the things I bought at the cash register, after noticing that I'm run out of money! ;)

Soumis par lnowakows le ven 12/03/2021 - 16:23

hello, I would like to ask why is no need to use articles before meals. there is... "...a bottle of water..." but "... I'd like chicken soup" or I'll have steak..." without article ("a").

Hello  Inowakows,

We say 'a bottle of water' because 'bottle' is a countable noun and we are asking for one.

'Chicken soup' is an uncountable noun, so we don't use 'a' before it.

'Steak' can be countable or uncountable, depending on the context. When it is used as an uncountable noun we do not use 'a' with it.



The LearnEnglish Team

Soumis par Emily Mellor le dim 11/10/2020 - 11:15

As far as I recollect, such cases never happened to me. But the similar one is that I bought a noodle soup without asking its cost. I thought it would be at most 500 kyats. When I paid in cash, I saw the bill for this and I was so amazed about that. It was 2000 kyats. After being this case, I never bought an item without asking its costs.

Soumis par Fedaa2001 le dim 23/08/2020 - 12:30

Yes when I went shopping and I took from my friends

Soumis par Adriana Passador le jeu 23/07/2020 - 10:47

Yes. My card gave a reading error and on the box it looked like I was stealing

Soumis par strouzi le mer 15/01/2020 - 13:19

Last month I had gone for shopping because I wanted to buy some gifts for my friends. When I was waitting in a large queue in front of counter I realized that I had forgotten my wallet in an other bag.

Soumis par shahhoseini le mar 07/01/2020 - 19:01

No, I have never forgotten having money in my wallet when I needed it.

Soumis par Dariusz le mer 20/11/2019 - 15:29

I don't remember that situation but it could be. Definitely it's happens to us be run out of money when we needed to pay for something. At this situation we probably forgot the money or we just haven't enough amount and we have to go for cash. By the way I remember situation when I wanted pay with debit card and I forgot my PIN. Finally I reminded myself but it was awkward.

Soumis par Imran 26 le mar 08/10/2019 - 17:09

Hi Sir, I have watched this video and enjoyed it a lot. but what does it means here in term of sparkling water?

Soumis par tenedos le lun 07/10/2019 - 20:02

I remember one time, I left my wallet in my car while I was eating in a restaurant. I realized it while I was going to the cashier's desk. Fortunately they were very understanding.

Soumis par vahidvahediasl le jeu 05/09/2019 - 10:47

this moment is very bad moment...i wish that nobody dont haev experience

Soumis par Santika le ven 26/07/2019 - 04:58

In this lesson I learn that sometimes man have some mistakes and weakness which in story above make the man can not pay the bill for both of them. To complement the man's weakness, the woman have to strong enough to save the situation and pay the bill for both of them. On task 5 and 6, I learn to keep and use my memory of the same expressions/sentences for different type/shape of problem.

Soumis par Daniela14 le lun 10/06/2019 - 16:34

this is my gift for you…. can I have the bill please ?……….. *-*

Soumis par TP le dim 12/05/2019 - 05:00

Last March, when I was doing shopping for the Sri Lankan New Year, this kind of an incident happened. After buying some clothes, I came to the counter. I wanted to pay in cash. But when I was checking the wallet, I realized that I had forgotten to bring the money. Luckily, my debit card could save me. Otherwise, I don't know how embarrassing would it be.

Soumis par Fkilani2891 le mer 17/04/2019 - 13:34

The lesson was incredible and very useful tasks.

Soumis par Rkassem le dim 17/03/2019 - 11:20

I was with my friends in a meeting at a restaurant and the bill was a big amount I looked at the total amount and I passed to my friend :D

Soumis par gullıstan le jeu 14/02/2019 - 20:24

I've had this situation before. I asked my friends

Soumis par cagla le dim 10/02/2019 - 13:05

No I haven't, but sometimes ı haven't enough cash so that ı pay by credit card.

Soumis par Rafaela1 le ven 01/02/2019 - 05:10

Whenever I notice that I don't have money with me, I pay by credit card. On other occasions, I just give up buying!

Soumis par Ionela Lusty le jeu 31/01/2019 - 20:47

Yes, my colleague asked me to buy a bread, I went to the bakery, and then when I had to pay, I didn't had my wallet. So I asked the lady if she can gave me the bread and I'll come later to bring the money. She agread, and everything was ok.

Soumis par Alexander Bladeck le dim 27/01/2019 - 01:02

Well this is interesting, but I want to know what says Sammy in low voice when Julia orders steak and chips hahaha that was expensive? What does mean first course? Julia said I will pay for this gift, that in my country would sound like a reproach... It is the same in this situation?

Hi Alexander

Sammy is 'mouthing' words here, which means he's not actually making any sounds but is moving his mouth. To be honest, I'm not sure what he's mouthing here, but it's probably something with three syllables, like 'Twenty pounds!' or 'Steak and chips!' or possibly even 'Oh my God!'.

In formal meals, there are usually two courses. Usually the first one is lighter (e.g. soup or salad) and the second is more substantial (e.g. steak or lasagna). I'm not sure about Colombia, but in Spain, these are called 'platos' (e.g., 'primer plato').

No, Julia's not reproaching Sammy here, though he certainly is embarrassed.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Soumis par dariusclinton le sam 12/01/2019 - 06:15

No I didn't. When I went to a store or a restaurant I make sure I have enough of money to buy my course or meal.
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