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Jobs Scene 1 - Language Focus

Rob and Ashlie talk about using ‘out’ with verbs and some phrases used when ordering in a restaurant.

Watch the video. Then go to the Tasks and do the activities.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


thnak you very much ,

Thanks, it is very helpful for me to learn English.

Thank you very much
i also had a problem in "have you got"

Hello kasun,

You might find the first task on this page useful. It's from another episode of Word on the Street and it deals with the difference between 'have' and 'have got'.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you

What is the difference between do you have a table for two and have you got a table for two, can we use both?

'Do you have' is a little more formal than 'Have you got' and less used between friends. Thus, 'Have you got' is more used between people who wish to be very polite. Hope that helps!

oh great!!! very useful. Thanks

The way of teaching and making people understand is very simple and nice.
Thank You.