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Can eating fruit be bad for you?

We usually think of fruit as a healthy food. But could it also have some negative effects?

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Actually I used to know a lot of the informations that video gave to me. Anyway, I think that a lot of people don't know some of that things, thinking fruit is the best way to loose weight for example.

really I was surprice, when they compare a can of full sugar whit two aples,
and the recomendation the only to drink in whole day a one glass of juice or smoothie, but I am agree whit the last part, where they say no forget get vegetables, and the vitaminics there contain.

La verdad que nunca me imagine que una fruta tuviera mas azúcar de lo que pensara y que se tenga que comer en un gran bocado grande, quede muy sorprendida! y con lo de que mientras mas madura este mas azúcar tiene ! Woow Yo como fruta diariamente para evitar no engordar, pero me e dado un gran impacto con esta información, muchas gracias.

I thought fruits are very healthy as they carry lots of nutritious components and good quality sugar. However, today, I am astounded to learn the harsh reality of riped banana, and an apple contains half as much sugar as a can of fizzy drink.

Anything in excess is bad, but there are some that can be worse than others, and in this case, frutose is worst than glucose when consumed in excess, because the fructose is metabolized in the liver.

I don't agree with this opinion certainly. Fruit is good for health but eating too much isn't good. If you eating too much, you will face digestive problems before gain weight. I have never seen anybody to gain weight because of fruit. In other hand, fruit contain less kalo than starch or meat. Eating fruit will help you decrease to use starch and meat in meal.

i really don't suspected about exeded in fruits were unhealth.

Although Sugar in fizzy drinks are the same as in fruits but fruits contain lesser amount

Oh my god! I have eaten so many fruit as my dinner. But for me, it definitely lose the fat. I should change it now.

I have surprised that sugar in fruits and soft drinks are the same.