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Four tips for success for women in business

Mumsnet is a website for parents. Listen to its founder, Justine Roberts, talking about her tips for success for women in business.

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I think the best way for success in business is to concentrate on what you are doing. It almost impossible always keeping this motivation. But you should try to make a movement about your things which you must be succces. An interaction or a dialog with your colleague make you get attraction to your business. Also I believe that you mustn't disappoint in your works and real life. So, if you don't lose your hope, you will find definitely a solution for your problems. When you feel disappointed, you may do what you do best.

Yes, I has.

supper positive experience and interesting points to inspire women all over the world to start looking for their passion work on it.
would like to add to that, specially muns should schedule day time to find a good slot for her passion and to believe in herself and what she doing which significantly post her carrier shift her up for next level.

Thank you so much!

These tips really help me to glance my own perceptions.

'So my first tip is find your passion.' Is it right: ' ... is to find...'?

Hello AlexS,

Yes, that's perfectly grammatical.



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I love so people, notable so women. They are brave. Create your career also baby. Baby or babies and family aren’t obstacle for generating your business or being worker. It is tangible all families need money)