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How wolves change rivers

Yes, that's right – wolves can change rivers! Watch this video and find out how.

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Let's just start being kind with each other.

This kind of small change could be introduction of new idea or policy on a particular task, thus it can generates a big effects of results to the organization.

A really great story. I knew that many things are connected in the nature but wasn't aware that absense or introduction of only one specie can have such consequences. Tropical cascade is really interesting theory. I would be interested for other examples which can confirm it in such convincing way. One thing that I can't agree with is that the main impact of wolves was that they ate many deers - there is such statement among the tasks. It could be output or outcome. Impact was the regeneration of valleys and gorges, restoration of plant and animal diversity, improving of the behaviour of the rivers.

And what small changes caused by humans can make with nature? This question we must deal with I guess more often in the future. For example now many species of insects are disappearing or decreasing in number substantially. If they will disappear completely the consequences can by just creepy: no food for birds, no pollination of plants. In result of this degeneration of agriculfure and destruction of many food chains including those ones of humans.

Nature is amazing and so perfect. Each organism is located where it has to be and I think that one of the reasons for this is because everything is connected. For example, if we remove the rabbits, what would happen? First of all, the population of coyotes would be reduced, if we continue with the food chain, the wolves would be affected too as well as the deers.
About the main subject of the question, everybody can help to make the Earth a better place, it is just a matter of becoming conscious. In theory, the only way to become sustainable is cultivating our own vegetables and food, also having a small farm with the animals that you would eat. In addition, if we talk about the electricity the best way could be having panels for solar and wind electricity instead of thousands of connections all over the house.
In conclusion, there are several ways to make small and big changes but sometimes is easier to keep with this crazy and illogical consumption that the humans have.

One of the small changes that we can make and it can surely have a huge impact on the mother nature, but most significantly on our population is perhaps changing radically the production and consumption of our aliments.
For example, the majority of the food that we intake day after day is processed (not natural) and even when it appears to be natural (like chicken) it contains chemicals or substances that has transformed or altered their natural growing and subsequently they will affect us after being ingested; obviously it is a long term process that as you can see is well related to many human diseases like CAD, stroke, diabetes, obesity, etc. In other words we are poisoning ourselves. Not to mention that, the most the companies produce this products and the most we continue to contribute to this wave of production to satisfy our demands, is the most that our ecosystem will bear the brunt of it.
So i think that if we, individually start changing our feeding habits, educate, teach and help other people that are exposed to the same harm, we can have an increasingly percentage of health in our population in years to come and as it grows higher by extension we can lead the food industry to reform their procedures and somehow life itself might start to look up.

We can make a big effect on the environment by simply changing our consumption habits. We can buy long-lasting clothing, appliances, or even re-use our bags whenever we go to the grocery store, instead of getting a new plastic bag.

This is an amazing history about the nature power. And how can it teach us.

There is a lot of knowledge in a short video, surprisingly effects of wolves are discovered here.

Using technological devices more wisely would be a minor change in our habits that could have a dramatic, positive impact on our ecosytem, not to mention the
beneficial effects on our lifestyle

How interesting! Wolves has became more intricate to me