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Lemon pavlova recipe

Learn how to make a lemon pavlova – a dessert made of meringue with cream and almonds on top – and amaze your friends and family. Delicious!

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.



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Yes. I would. I like confectionery, pastries and dough desserts.

Seems not challenging. But how many egg white do we need to use for its base?

I have never made a pavlova cake, but I would definitely try it someday...

She is talking as if she is saying a poem. She’s very sensitive person.I think Cooking for her is a hobby and enjoying moments.I always say for my family we eat to enjoy our times and god’s givings not only for being full.

This cake looks easy to prepare. Although finding ingredients looks challenging to find, it is simple cake and looks delicious. I like cakes when it has cream spread around and it has got taste of fruits. I would definitely try pavlova. Is it ok adding instead of lemon other fruits taste like cranberry or strawberry jam? I can recommend you trying another interesting cake which is called Karpatka. I really liked that cake it tasted like eclair but it has got some fruit on top which made it even better than eclair. I guess I love making fruity cakes, especially the one which soaked in smell and lusciousness of strawberry.

"I always do this because I love the way the tender part of the pavlova base, like a marshmallow, hits the smoothness of the cream."

Could anybody explain the meaning of "hit" in the above sentence?

I'm not sure what she means- whether she's saying that she likes the cream to be draped on top of the tender part of the pavlova base or that the bottom part of the pavlova base tastes smoother than cream. I'd appreciate your help. Thank you!

Hi Charlie
What I understand is your first idea, i.e. that she likes the combination of the cream on the top of tender part of the base.
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

well this recipe seems to be easy to follow and the pie looks appetizing. i have never had this dessert before. i am intrigued now and i'd like to taste it. not sure if i can find caster sugar in my country but i guess any type of sugar can be used, although it might change the taste a little bit.
i am not well-known for making desserts within my family and honestly i rather eat then, specially when my mom makes them.

I love pavlova. I have cooked it three times already, the first two times I was desperate because of the cracks. The third time, though, I gave up, and now I am very relieved to know that is normal!!!
I did not put creme on top, since this is not a very light dessert. instead, I used Greek yogurt and fresh fruit on top. It was delicious! The yogurt is fresh and it helps to "wash away" the sweetness of the meringue. Honestly it was not my idea, I read it on the Internet, and loved it.

I am afraid, this recipe looks a little complicated to me. Some of the ingredients are not readily available in my country. I am wondering if 'caster sugar' is the same as what we call 'icing sugar', I don't know where to get almonds nor lemon curd. Anyway, we do not often take sweets but I don't mind trying this recipe if I can find the ingredients. Thank you