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Seeing is believing

What happens when three young girls meet the women doing their dream jobs? In this video, we see the importance of positive female role models.

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Intermediate: B1


We can do many things to make young girls to feel ambitious.
At first, as a woman, I considere working hard and being independent as a good way to help them. Also, we can motivate kids to do whatever they want, telling them that they're invencible and they don't have to pay attention to people comments which don't valorate their efford or make them feel insecure.
Finally, I think that definitely seeing is believing in those situations. We must demostrate children that they can do everything, with our actions; if they see us being hard working people, they're gonna do the same thing. So, let's move on, and show them they can do it too!

i think that three girls are so lucky because they can meet the people who they really want to be. they can see the reality and if they want their dream become true, they have motivation to prepare for their future.

Every girl can afford the same results as a man, in every field and work environment.
It is essential to teach it to the new generations, not only through the words but through our daily actions.

In this world we have a good role models to follow around the world. I like the video because the third girls despite don't grow up as a adult, they know exactly what to do for their lives. As society we should incentivate to childs from first yeasr of learning and find out their habilities,passion for to do what they like.

nowadays women can compete with men in various fields, many jobs are no longer exclusive to men only. but in my personal opinion I see that some professions are not suitable for women because they affect heir femininity

Ambitious can be described as a high desire to attain. It can be a thing or to do something or to be in a certain condition. I think there are many ways to make young girls feel ambitious, such as make them see increadible thing, make them meet someone famous, and tell them what possibility they can achieve when they are in certain condition.

Good role for a models, especially for woman should be someone who is well educated, show a good respect to other and society, and has a passion for doing the right thing.

This material is really useful to learning English.

Inspiring article and video for girl. I have a little girl. I hope I can guide her and show her this video. Thanks BC, we're not only learning English here.
KUDOS from Bali

I think sometimes there isn't difference between men and women in profession. The most important thing is thing you more interested in.

You could repeat this programme's example and show the women daily heroes like doctors, firefighters, scientists, teachers, politicians, police officers, drivers, chefs, roboticists, electrical engineers, electricians, plumbers etc.

Therefore, Marie Curie is probably the famous woman that I remember now, but I can't believe that the girl don't know J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter.