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Space snack time with Samantha Cristoforetti

In this video, Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti tells us about the healthy snacks that she eats in the spaceship.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.

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I wouldn't like to be an astronaut, because it a dangerous jop and make me far about my family for along time.
My favourite snake is nuts.

idont think I can be an astronaut, even ilove to see the sky , clouds , other side of the world but I prefer to watched throw the t.v. but not in the real place .

I'm very proud of Samantha Cristoforetti, Italian astronaut! I'd like to be an astronaut, but I think is not easy because it' s necessary to study a lot of mathematics and physics. My favorite snacks are every kind of nuts and dry fruits. And also potato chips!

I do not know why my last comment deleted by "admin"?
I'm just curious about it May behe/she tell me if there is a reason about my sayings!.

ı have some short express about Space journeys that
For human body, to be astronaut not easy. Human body not designed to survive on the space and long distance voyages.

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It would be great to be an astronaut, but I'm afraid a little old for it, and I'm sure astronauts are required of perfect physical fit as well.
In any case, I would enjoy to be at a space station, watching Earth from out of it and watching the stars and de Solar System a little closer to them.
And what about gravity zero? Wow, that must be the best of all. It's fun watching in the video how well Samantha manages to take and show the snacks while there's no gravity.

I think no, I have panic in closed places, so I couldn't be an astronaut, but I love snacks and my favorite one is pocorn.

When I was a child I wanted to be a cosmonaut. At that time, I watched how the Russian Space Station, MIR operates from my TV screen. My favourite snack are potato chips, fried chicken wing and fried peanuts.

I am not sure if I would like to be an astronaut because they pass through such a hard training and I do not know if I have the discipline for that. My favorite snack is ham and cheese sandwich.

I wouldn't like to be an astronaut because i think their life are so boring. I like to eat apple as snack.