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The gulper eel

What's the strangest animal in the ocean? In this video, scientists exploring the deep ocean make a weird (yet wonderful) discovery.

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No. Not at all.

It's in the water column, could you please explain the sentence

Hello fidaasiddig,

The water column describes the layers of water at different depths, and allows scientists and divers to talk about their different characteristics. I imagine the scientist who said this was saying that the creature is in the water column rather than being on the sea floor, for example.



The LearnEnglish Team

Oh, My comment is the first??? So cool!
I am oceanographer and I stayed a ship in the middle of Atlantic Ocean in 2018. At night generally we work in the lab on ship. One of those nights, I was taking samples and I saw squids attacking our instruments that were coming back to the ship. I never saw an animal that way. Some people said that probably the light left them angry.

Hey Raqueline, what a job. It might be incredibly amazing to see sea life that close.
Luck you and thanks for sharing.

Your job is really cool mate!!! When I think that I am a shop assistant, I get sad...

Hey Pizzy. Come on, don`t get sad. We need the shop assistant, we need good ones as much we need any professional and I'm sure you`re one of those who have what it takes. Keep it forward.