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The London building that can fry an egg

London is not famous for its hot weather. But a new building has turned a London street into one of the hottest places on the planet!

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This is very interesting story in London. There are stories about make 'fry an egg' on the car bonnet, but I never heard of this kind of interesting story.
By the way, I have one question relating to this sory.
That is sentence '-- and singe your hair trying.'

Does this mean:
1) singe your hair to try. or
2) singe your hair and you will be trying(annoying).

I'm very much appreciated if I could get a correct answer and some related explanations. Thank you.

Hello monodrama,

The meaning is something else here:

...and singe your hair trying = and (you) singe your hair when you try


The present participle (trying) describes an action which happens at the same time as the action in the main clause.



The LearnEnglish Team

Surely, the designers can do something in that way. It can be something like..I don't cover that part of the building with a special material which can resistance to power of the sun. And, of course, it should fits the building. If they really want to fix the problem that has occured, for sure they can do it.

Well working tasks.

I think all cities which has glass covered skyscrapers have same issues. For example, Dubai has many of glass covered skyscrapers and these skyscrapers cause a high temperature in the summer. You can't walk on the road in the afternoon. It's impossible to go out from 11 to 5 o'clock. City officials must find a solution for this important and disturbing problem.

i think may be all that accumulated energy could be taken advantage of by replacing solar panels or something like that

I think the problem would come back every year during the same months.