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The salt hotel

Would you like to stay in a hotel made out of salt? Watch this video to find out more about this unusual hotel in Bolivia. 

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

Check your understanding: multiple choice




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Advanced: C1


My answers are the followings:
Yes, I'd like to visit there because it would be a great experience to stay at such a unique hotel.

Yes, I have. Actually, it was not a hotel though. I stayed at a small cabin made of ice bricks in my town about 30 years ago. Back then we had much snow, but unfortunately there have been almost no snow for the past ten years mainly because of global warming. I miss the unusual place.

I woud love to stay at the salt hotel in Salar Iuni. It's on my wish list. I never stayed in a different hotel.

yes, I `d love to. NO but I would like to

Would you like to visit a hotel made of salt?
I would like to, because it would be a different experience from which I would learn many things.
Have you ever stayed in an unusual hotel?
i haven't stayed in an unusual hotel, yet

Yes, I want to visit that hotel. No, I `m stay in normal hotel, maybe I don`t have enough money for unusual hotel :)

Yes. I would. Yes. I had.

It is wonderful to know that there is such a hotel in the world. I would like to visit the hotel and admire the scenery of the salt lake. However, I am concerned about the altitude sickness. I have been to Lasa, Tibet. High altitude can cause sickness because of the shortage of oxygen in the air that we breathe at the place. I wonder if there are sufficient medical facilities in the hotel in case of the altitude sickness. In Lasa, hospital and even coaches for the tourists are equipped with oxygen cylinders for the use of the tourists in case of need. Though I did not have altitude sickness in Lasa except for experiencing severe pain at the back of my head in one or two occasions, I still regard safety as the utmost important issue when we travel to places of high altitude.

I would like to visit because is an interesting site. I apreciatte the construction system and how use the salt for all elements necessarys for the hotel. Also, the situation is wonderfull and there is a lot of peace.

I would like to visit a hotel made out of salt, here in Egypt we have lakes of salt, I stayed before in an unusual hotel, it was in an island in the lake of salt.

This is awesome. I would like visit once in my life