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We stand with refugees

Becoming a refugee is something that could happen to any of us. In this video, famous people from around the world talk about the importance of helping people who are escaping difficult situations.

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We could help refugees to settle in their new country by offering them assistance to escape difficult situations and taking shared responsibilities.

Dear friends,
I'd like to congratulate the British Council and the Team who most often raise and post stuff on social issues, especially the today's video about refugees.I'd like also to congratulate all who are supportively commenting on this.Mind that there are European governments and -unfortunately people-who are expressing racist ideas and feelings towards immigrants and refugees.
Happy joining this site,

Helping refugees is one thing that everybody should be part of. Human beings have undergone many wars throughout their existance, and up to now many countries have become war-torn areas, Syria and Palestines; for instance.
Thousands of innocents have been scattered by wars, gunshots and battleships in all corners of the world , they have been forced to leave their homes, traditions, rights of belonging to the society, everything they have and entitled to in order to stay alive.
In Morocco, everyday you can see tens of refugees of the Syrian civil war on the side of the road seeking help. Those refugees have no place to go to and still some people treat them like animals. We as civilians of whichever countries should stop these behaviors, refugees deserve the right to protection and this is something we can provide. Furthermore, we have to stand by their side, help them financially, emotionally, act with solidarity towards them and why not protest so that we can send a clear message to the government that these people need to be assisted with food , shelter and clothes, jobs opportunities as well. We have to share this responsibility and we should all stand with refugees.

Hello Mohammed. Nice to meet you. You are rhigt everubody don't go past this problem and should help peaple who lose you own house. This problem must speak about. If don't speak about it then will go on without the end.

Unfortunately, many people exclude refugees from society, and ignore them. Refugees are vulnerable to danger and stereotypes.
Despite everything, we should keep saying this;
we stand with refugees.

A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.We should help to improve lives of refugees.

Hi Joes! I totally agree with you.

Today we are alive, tomorrow we can die.
Today we are at peace, tomorrow we can be at war.
The future is unpredictable. Think about it.

I think the more important thing for Refugees to settle in to their new countries
is : the social harmony ( learning the new language ..norms of society...)

It is a nice Video shows the bright side of our humanity.