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When do children learn to tell lies?

Is it a bad thing if children tell lies? Scientists don't think so. This short video explains why.

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Yes. I did. Yes, they should if it's possible within their means.

When I was a kid, I often lied when I needed to excuse for having eaten up my siblings’ snacks before they noticed...(!) Humpty Dumpty! I knew I was awkward when I was lying for excuse. As I grew up, I came to be fed up with such a miserable “me”, and now I can control myself and am happy to be square.

When I was a child I didn’t use to lie, but I clearly remember one day I ridicously lied to my mom. It was a typical day’s school and my mom make me a lunch. But I didn’t eat it, and when I came back home, I decided to put it down the sofa. But at the end of the day, when my mom was vacunning the floor, she found it! And, maybe because I had done it before (lol), she asked me why I put it in there, so, I told her that I was victim of an spell, because in the morning I was looking for my sandwich but it wasn’t in my backpack, but now, it appears here, “Mom, don’t you think it’s magic?” I asked. She was very surprised for my answer!
As in the audio the man said, parents are emocionated by their kids lying, but also, they are worried. And, of course my mom scolded me but it was the right desition, parents should not allow the lies, the must teach them to afront consecuences.

I think children start lie when they are afraid of any situation,might they feel tempted to lie, from birth to 3, kids are in a highly confusing and children from ages 3 to 7 are still figuring out the difference between fantasy and reality.They create imaginary worlds in their play.Children often lie an attempt to hide something they know they have done wrong and someone will angry.
We need to think, Is screaming at your child healthy?
Never call your child a liar because negative labels can erode self esteem.If you catch your child telling a blatant lie, tell them you know they are not being honest.I know that isn't true.Lets see what we can do solve the problem.

I won't be able to remember any lies I told when I was a child, because there are plenty!

I also think that the more siblings you have, the more lies you tell, and the more you get skilled to hide the truth.


Parents must teach their children not to lie. The lie is not good, but any moment is necessary.

Yes, i remember when i was a child, i was trying to hang on a metal bar and i injured my hand.I was afraid to be punished so i told my father that while i was walking , a car came quickly and hit my hand and ran away. But he didn't believe me and finally i told him the truth.:)))
I think parents shouldn't prevent them from lying but they should encourage them to tell the truth to gain self-confidence.

I agree. The most positive attitude is to encourage children to say the truth, better than chasing the lies.