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York Scene 1 Language Focus

Whatever you do, you should watch Rob and Ashlie talk about this and that - it's all pretty interesting!

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


the only tricky thing it's about " this " and " these ". Quite same pronunciation but completely different!

hi, in task 2 it shows that "those are my trousers" is correct, but same phrase in task 3 shows as a mistake. why?

Hello Suramelashvili,

That's strange, as when I entered 'Trousers' for number 3 in Task 3, it told me it was correct (which it is!). Did you perhaps write 'trousers' or 'trousers ' (with a space) instead? If so, those are not correct. Please check, but in any case it sounds like you know the correct answer!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi English Team

Do we use pretty to make adjectives stronger?

Hello maisam34,

'Pretty' can be used as an adverb to modify adjectives:

That was a pretty good film.

She's a pretty smart person.

However, the meaning is rather variable. It can make the adjective stronger - this is the most common use, I would say - or it can make it less strong:

I loved that show! The best thing I've ever seen!

It was pretty good, but nothing special.

It really depends on the context, the tone of voice and other variables.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

This is great.

In the task 2, the answer to the 7th question is 'that' and the answer to the 8th question is 'this'.

Could you please explain the reason?

I'm confused because the speaker wasn't talking about nearby or faraway things in those questions; they were sharing news.

Hello AdityaAgarwal,

'Near' and 'far' are notions which have several meanings. They can refer to physical distance but they can also refer to a different kind of distance - psychological distance. The examples you quote are good examples of one feature of this: we see things that have happened as further away and those that are yet to happen as closer. That is why in sentence 7 we use 'that' (the pronoun refers back to the earlier information) and in sentence 8 we use 'this' (the pronoun refers forward to information at the end of the sentence).

I hope that clarifies it for you.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

It was always difficult for me to choose between 'this' or 'that' in such cases but not anymore. Thanks !

on pretty an excellent explanations, i'd like to know the words from (e.g. 2:35) when A.. says whoever lost that ryan means .....until (2.45). i need your help, i'm afraid so but i need to work very much on listenig skill.