Que dire à son petit ami quand il traîne dans la maison à ne rien faire.

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Intermediate: B1


That's a great video thanks

It is my first video from the site "learn english" and i liked it. It is a funny video. But, i wouldn't laugh if my husband was like this man. I couldn't live with a man who doesn't anything during all the day.

Firstly, I don't like a dirty girl. So I'll not make friend with her. But If I have a slob girlfriend, I'll remind her for first times. If she repeat her habits, I'll say goodbye to her. And I hope she will change her behaviour in the future.

it's a typical jobless guy if i was him i'd be doing the same lol

it is a funny video , i learned many new words, for me i would tel my girl friend to change her behavior unless i will live her,