Tess & Ravi

Tess et Rod parlent de politesse et Adam lit vos commentaires à propos d'aller au cinema. 

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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I think that British people are not less or more polite than the other people. It seems that it is just a question about behavior and culture. British people use to speak with very polite words, and sometimes they use also a polite behavior, and sometimes they don't.Like any one of other people, we are all human beings and we are all able to reacting badly and so able to be impolite....even if we used polite words!

I think that British people are polite.In my country, people are not really polite. Sometimes they don't respect each other.

in my country, at the first glance, you might say people are impolite because of their way of speaking. But in their behavior they are deeply polite.

Hi ! I think politeness is more in the attitude that in the words we use. I know some waiters who are very polite : "Yes, sir. Certainly sir. With pleasure..." but their look at you as if you are transparent. This is not politeness. Take care of people is to be polite whatever the words you employ.

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