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I would likes to help my 3 sond.

Why do you use expressin " .. sometime in the next two or three weeks". I think it will be " sometime next week".
Later you use " I can visit them next week ". And later : " .. give a presentation to our managers next month" and later: " sometime in the next two or three weeks".
Please explain it to me. Thanks

Hello chriswar,

'Sometime next week' refers to a calendar (Monday-Sunday) week. For example, if I say this on Wednesday the 13th then it describes the period from Monday the 18th to Sunday the 24th.

'Sometime in the next week' refers to a seven-day period starting from now. For example, if I say this on Wednesday the 13th then it describes the period from Wednesday the 13th to Wednesday the 20th. Obviously, 'sometime in the next two or three weeks' would refer to a similar, but longer period.

The same principle applies to other similar phrases. For example, next month, last month, next year, last year all refer to calendar periods; the next month, the last month, the next year, the last year all refer to periods of time from the present moment into the future or past.



The LearnEnglish Team

Why do you use expession "the customer" but not "customers"? You said later: " Can you send an email to the customer? Ask them ... . I don't undersatnd.

Hell chriswar,

It's very common in English to use the pronoun 'they' when we do not know or do not want to specify the gender of a person. It is the same as saying 'he or she' but is often preferred because a text using 'he or she' throughout can become quite inelegant, stylistically speaking.

This use of 'they' as a genderless singular pronoun is very old. You can find examples in Shakespeare and even earlier.



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Hello guys. I learn this tutorial. I want to say that I like other people their works. I enjoy helping them motivate and inspire

Yes,I do. I help my colleagues with moving heavy stuff or giving the right address for dropping off the items.

Yes, of course. I usually help people when they need. Helping is contain in human nature I think. I do what they need and what can I do for them. There are many differents things what can I do. It depends what character has this work.

Excellent lesson! It is very helpful for improving our listening skills.
Thank you!

Very good