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Episode 04

Carolina is having some problems with money. What can she do to solve them? Adam and Rob talk about all the different types of weather you have in your countries.

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Task 5

Tell us about your first job. What did you do? How much did you earn and what did you spend your pay on? Was it difficult or enjoyable? How did you get it?

Write to us in the comments and we'll discuss your answers in the next show.


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Intermediate: B1


My first job was a math teacher in charity school for grade 12( ministerial curriculum).I didn’t earn a lot of money but l liked my job. because I was teach students who is very need. But now I’m working in a new school ( British curriculum) so l want to improve my language and earn more money to help all people’s who needs

Difference between in the building and at the university
First in the building ( you are existing inside building) but Incase you are existing around in building says at)
As at the park when you say at the park means not inside but around it.
I think that’s.

I’m student so i don’t have a job

Tell us about your first job. What did you do? How much did you earn and what did you spend your pay on? Was it difficult or enjoyable? How did you get it?
My first job was as a sofa fitter here in my hometown.
I dind't earn a lot of money but I kind of liked it.I used my payments paying bills and helping my mom out with the house's bills.
First it was dificult to learn how to do this or that but was worth the effort.
I got that job by delivering my resume in their store.

My first job was a waiter in a small coffee when I was 15 years old, really it was a very hard job because I was forced to wake up very early in the morning at 5 o'clock, but fortunately I continued my stay and now I'm a doctor and I'm working now at the university as an associated professor, now I'm trying to learn english because I love it very well, but unfortunately I have a lot difficult to learn it especially in the speaking skill, I hope to have some advices to improve my speaking skill. Thank you very much for your all efforts

Hello Fares1980

Thanks for your comment. I just thought I'd give you a few ideas to work on improving your speaking. One thing you can do as you listen as these podcasts (or any audio or video) is to make a note of phrases that you think might be useful ones for your speaking.

Choose phrases that are useful in lots of situations and which you don't currently use. Listen to them a few times and then repeat them yourself. Do this as many times as it takes for you to feel more comfortable saying them. Then, write these down somewhere so you can refer back to them. Also, as you go about your day at work and at home, say them to yourself (silently is OK, but even better if you say them aloud), especially when they are relevant to the situation you are in.

If you keep at this, slowly, your vocabulary and speaking fluency should improve. Your listening comprehension should also improve. It will take time, but imagine if you could just learn one new phrase every day, after a couple of months you would know a lot more!

Have you seen our Speaking videos? Those might be useful for you as well. I should also mention that we are working on some new Speaking videos. It will still be some time before they are ready, but please check the speaking section again from time to time.

Best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team

I don't get what the difference between "in" and "at" is, that many specific things strictly get just one of them (such as "at the university", "in the building", "in / at the morning".). Is there a clear rule where to use this one (at) and where to use the second one (in)? Please explain the usage?

Hello Muhammad Erad

It can indeed be confusing! I would recommend you have a look at this dictionary page, which gives a nice summary of how 'at', 'on' and 'in' are used to speak about places. I think the explanation there should answer many of your questions, but if you have any other after reading it, please don't hesitate to ask us here.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Muhammad Erad

I'm sorry about that! I forgot to include the link yesterday. I've just added it to my comment above and here you have it in this comment, too.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I work for few month as a receptionist in the restaurant it was quite spectacular , i
saw more people and i enjoyed with a team.