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Episode 05

Tess and Ravi talk about football and hooligans in the UK and how things have changed. Adam is on holiday so we only have Rob this week.

Tess & Ravi

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Tell us something about football. Which team do you support? Why? What do football fans do in your country? What happens at football matches?

If you don’t like football, tell us why not?

Send us your comments and we’ll talk about your answers in the next podcast.



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Intermediate: B1


I love football, but in Colombia to go to a stadium has became dangerous. There are football fans called `barras bravas`(that means hooligans), who go to fight and make all class of disturbios in the stadium and around. Even they have killed football fans of the opposite teams.

I support America. This is a team called the red devils as Liverpool in England.

My team won the championship in Colombia 13 times, and participated in international tournaments.

Unfortunately, América descended to the B category since four years and have failed to ascend newly.


I don' like football probably because I didn't play it at school when I was child. I think team sports are not confortable for me. I prefer swimming. Anyway, at home we watch on tv important matches like world cup. In some cities, more and more frequently fans lose control and get violent to each others and, as I heard, football matches are no longer a family stuff.

Hi everyone. I love football but my country not have any good place in football team list .Most off city and villages has there local team as well as bank and other government department.Our favorite team is Brazil.


Hi, here in Brazil football is everything. In my city we have three big teams: São Paulo, Santos and Corinthians. My family support Corinthians. Unfortunately, when the team lose we have to listen from the others fans team very hard jokes and sometimes people lost control. I've visited Maracanã, it's a very old traditional stadium, I think the biggest in my country. That day didn't have match but it's so extrange we can feel the vibration, the energy, can you imagine when have a match? I've never gone to a match, because the fans in my city are hooligans. Sometimes we can't wear the clothes of the team in streets, it's so bad. We have many things to learn about being good fans.

I do not support certain soccer team. in my country, of course other sports is more popular. but soccer is getting more and more popular. The live game is broadcast in nationwide, although just some people watch it.....
when it comes to world cup or Olympic, people become enthusiastic fun. I do not know why (is it me only?).
it possibly is Olympic's power or strategy of soccer association.

Hi , every one

when I was teenager I love the football so match, And my team is Al-Helal it's very strong, because it was very full of enthusiasm , and the fans don't have the Intolerance between the team , and the teams have Sportsmanship , Now unfortunately it Became situation where the worst, I left follow-up the football game , but some times when I see some group together for watch football I see with him but no more .

I like football, my favorite team is Colombian team. This team was in the last World cup and obtained the 5th position. This was a great experience because it is the first time that our Colombian team football performed an excellent presentation. I like football in general and I enjoy watching matches.

i, i like football but i sometimes watch many match because many reason. in this world cup i 'm very excited, almost these match of germany i had watched. i like italy and germany team and germany is a great champion, i'm very happy

I do not know too much about footbll teams in my country, but I like watching our national team. This year my country for the first time have been participated at the World Cup. Everyone was excited. Of course I was supporting my country, but also I wanted Spain to win.