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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

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How do you feel about queuing?

If you’ve been to Britain, do you think it’s true what Tess and Ravi said – are the British good at queuing? 

How about queues in your country? Do people queue up politely or do they jump the queue? Do you jump the queue?

We’d love to hear from you - write your answers in the comments.


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Hi. I hate the queue. I try to not participating in this, but sometimes its very hard. I often queue for train tickets - not all train company in Poland have the purchase possibility by net.

Hi everyone!
I hate queuing up because I hate waiting! But I haven't ever jumped the queue.  So I detest those who jump the queue. This kind of behavior is very impolite and unfortunately, it is  frequent in my country.
I know people that queue up quietly when they are in London, because in London they have to queue for all and this is very polite so they are very polite. But they are the same as try to jump the queue when they are in Italy! This is extremely impolite! 

Hello everyone! Sorry the latest episode is a bit late; I had a weird problem with the mp3 files.
Hope you like it.
The LearnEnglish Team

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